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  1. I wonder if eventually this account's gonna blow up all the second life servers lol now I can attach the object parts of the maitreya mesh body but I can't attach alphas, but the game's not crashing immeidately either, so I'm trying to create as many objects as I can maybe it will flush my inventory it's a good thing I already knew this was the worst coded piece of any type of code ever made game or otherwise and woulda been more surprised if something like this didn't happen
  2. I'm not asking for help this is something for everyone to laugh at with me I create "wear" and "box" folders inside the main folders of stuff as part of my organization method but forever I've been manually creating the folder and I'd either type wear or box every time or then I'd be like oh I could copy paste the word, but this time I made this new account to have a clear inventory to be all mesh and I had the great idea to simply make one wear folder then copy and paste it into itself I could just hit ctrl c then ctrl v and the only thing I'd have to do is hold ctrl and hit v and boom folder after folder ready to go, so this was three days ago and what instead happened was it started pasting itself and it was placing wear folders into wear folders in all random orders and threw up a random my trash is too full warning even though it was a new account lol then first I couldn't detach anything now three days later I crash in under a minute I haven't played sl in years but I'm an old timer all this has done is let me know linden labs has not sold out second life is still second life never change linden labs, never change
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