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  1. Yes but still that should not be the answer, Linden made one specific change that broke everything again, even if the post is from 2013 and we are in 2017 Im still aiming into the problem being there, its not just enabling an option that only appear in the developers menu, but as you can see, some people can't relate on finding any other fix and they get upset when someone shows up trying to find another way to fix things.
  2. It should not be the way to fix it but if you girls thinks its the only solution be happy. Since I noticed a bad temper on all the females showing up in here to reply to me, except for one this is a little song for all of you who got their period late Enjoy
  3. Answer me this : Are you a person that turns off the computer everytime you don't use it or you keep it running 24/7/365 (?)
  4. Why not (?) Added : Also, If the problem persist and there is a topic already there, then there is no need to create another one. Don't you think (?) This is indeed an old post, but the problem is still around, I never had to use the option "Hi-Res" before, I just started to have to for no reason and seems to be the only way to avoid getting blurry textures.
  5. I'm not following your jokes "Girls", does it have anything to do with having balls attached in a PG Region (?) You follow (?) Keep this topic on the subject instead of deviating somewhere else, Thanks.
  6. I don't know what Linden Labs did but their support is not even trustful to be honest. Once I had a problem with my land not showing in the results, a Linden came to help me out and said that the Landing Point must be below a certain altitude for it to work. The problem solved when I increased my traffic, it was so low that it was not showing at all. Then I had a problem where some uploaded audio files stopped working, a Linden replied to me telling me to try with their viewer, since I was running Firestorm and it runs perfectly fine. After trying to play them on their viewer the problem was still there, only one sound effect was playing the rest didn't, so I was getting upset for broken uploaded files. The results, I fixed it my self, it wasn't the viewer it was actually the parcel not playing sounds, some sounds played the rest didn't. So Linden Support isn't the brightest of all, I checked their job description and requirements to join and I can garantee that some are there just holding a "Linden" name and know nothing about anything, so sorry but its the sad true. In other hand for the "Blurry Textures" even using "Hi-Res" always ON seems to get some affected texture from time to time, this is not the right option since the viewer and second life were running fine a week ago, this just started for me, I don't see clothes affected but what I can see are textures of my own on prims getting blurry when they are out of sight, I turn around and I see blurryness and so on. Also noticed for a couple of months that those prims that are not in sight are derrendered by the viewers, I don't know why so many limitations from the viewer and server side, there should be an option to unlock everything, just like the "Hi-Res" option, I use it all the time, I didn't crash so far, lets say... for two years now. I wish Linden Labs could make better tweaks to their platforms, instead of the fake and annoying maintenance and region restarts. In Answer to Blurryness : Use "Hi-Res" option, if your computer is powerful enough, mine isn't and its still alive. Alternative Eco Friendly Fix ( : Clear Cache Things I wouldn't Do : Change Cache Size . I never had to, never had trouble everything loads perfectly Press Control + Shift + Alt + D for Advanced menu, then enable Developer Menu from there to use the "Full Res" or "Hi-Res" option. Lets hope for less blurry and broken worlds in Second Life.
  7. *** WARNING this is an Agressive Answer *** ... Thanks for your attention...
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