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  1. I've to agree with Kira, this house just looks super comfortable. Open spaces with proper artwork. Nice work man.
  2. My pirate booty-bay base in the sky Still a wip, but ya'll get the general gist of it.
  3. Nice pictures, Martha! - I REALLY like your idea for adding a wall upstairs in order to make two rooms. Seems to have worked out nicly for you. ^ u ^
  4. Hey, Great reply, thank you. You also helped clear out a few tid-bits that I was quite keen into asking the forums about.
  5. Hello, And thank you for your informative reply. This clears up a whole lot for me. It would appear that one of my friends were over-thinking things.
  6. Hey, I do apologize in advance if this question has been asked before. And I also apologize for my English as it isn't my native language. But I'm a complete noobie on the forums and I am looking for an definitive answer. I've recently became a premium member to acquire one of the new 1024 square meter homes that LL provided. And my friends warned me about putting adult related furniture in G rated sims, but for a M-rated sim that my neighborhood is rated at it is considered ok. So long as it's behind doors. One even gave me a quote from the forums, which I'll include here for ya'lls convenience. But this is where it gets confusing. One of my friends stated that if I were to make a skybox the skys will be considered "public space" and I won't be allowed to have adult related fun in. While another friend of mine claims otherwise; that it isn't considered public place, so long as you've a home and seal off the outside from public view on your own lot. That being said and put aside, I am curious if it's possible to have adult related furniture and actions within the new linden home neighborhoods if I am to make a private skybox at 2000 meters + above the ground? or would that be considered, and I quote: "public space" ? Thank you for reading!
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