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  1. A bonus or 'plus' from this side effect is that you can safely remove the rotating script from those objects, thus reducing the number of running scripts on any given region. The part(s) or object(s) will still rotate and you've reduced the region load by 1 script. Granted the reduction in and of itself is very small, but it can add-up quite a bit when many objects are on a region. Some particles are like this as well such as rain, fog, snow, smoke, mist. If able to modify it, you can lower the running script count and still get the benefit of that object moving or whatever. YMMV
  2. For objects to move/function correctly in SL a few basic 'rules' apply regardless if it is KCP/ACS motor vehicle scripts or any other brand. The first and most important being that the root prim must be oriented to zero rotation facing east. Other parts can, and likely will be oriented differently, but as long as the root prim is set properly when scripted the vehicle will respond properly. Root prim orientation and rotation is X = 0.00000, Y = 0.00000, Z = 0.00000 with the 'front' facing east representing the front of the vehicle. The root prim orientation in this manner allows the vehicle to operate correctly from keyboard commands. Many parts builders/creators in SL do not follow the east facing forward orientation as they create their parts. However, the key part for the assembled vehicle is scripts in the root prim itself. The orientation of the root prim is what sets the proper orientation & direction of the entire vehicle after it is scripted. That being said, there are some other issues that affect handling that might cause some consternation if not fully understood regarding creating parts and bounding boxes but that's a separate topic from this.
  3. Frederika, I also sent you an IM in-world. Good luck in your quest & happy riding!
  4. I don't use KCP/ACS scripts much anymore as I have my own proprietary script system. However, that being said, this is what I remember about the KCP/ACS script system. Go into the menu & you'll find the following buttons or something similar. After making changes you'll need to ride it to see if you achieved that to which you are seeking regarding performance & handling. Some things will be rather simple & straight forward, others might take considerable seat time. Try it & see if it helps you. Good luck. The main menu: Turbo: Basically increases your speed in each gear. OPTIONS: Takes you to a secondary menu for fine tuning with the choice to select: Controls: Enables you to adjust your Gears, Brakes, skid, banking, steering and gravity Gears: Will let you and add and subtract gears in your vehicle. Brakes: sets your stopping distance. Skid: determines how your bike drifts in a turn. Banking: determines your bikes lean in a turn. Gravity: Gravity aka down force applies a strong additional gravity to the vehicle. This is usually helpful for keeping racing vehicles slammed down onto a track. Extreme gravity is smaller vehicles may result in unwanted side-effects. Steering: Enables you to change the steering parameters at the lower speeds, it is the main power applied to the vehicle for turning: VelMult: This is probably the most important setting on a vehicle if you intend to race, or ride at higher speeds. VelMult is a steering velocity multiplier level. Increases turn power with speed to counteract centrifugal force steering loss at higher speeds. The faster you go, the more you need to increase your turning setting. VAttrac value controls how quickly a banking vehicle tries to spring back to normal alignment. NOS/RECVR changes which buttons shift gears up or down. Either the PG-UP/PG-DN, or the Shift A & D Drift adjusts the amount of sideways slide on corners. Bonus is an additional steering power that increases the longer you hold the control key. A very low amount can be helpful for high speed handling. May want to set to 0 for tiny vehicles. Resist: this works like a kind of friction for the turning rotation axis. Adjust this if your vehicle oversteers or does not steer enough after adjusting steering.
  5. I started building motorcycles before mesh came along & at that time builders were either purchasing parts from other creators or making parts themselves from prims & sculpt maps. We would then assemble the motorcycles piece by piece from a mix of those types of parts and apply textures and color accordingly. Builds were typically original style creations from the perspective that each builder was making their own finished creation from an assemblage of parts, much as custom builders in RL build their bikes using parts created by other custom builders, an original manufacturer or they fabricated them themselves. Bikes in SL at that time were either an original style or a recreation of something seen in RL. As mesh came along, talented parts creators continued making parts that we could assemble to make into our own original design or style of bike or we could recreate to the best of our ability those styles that we see in RL. We also had the ability to create our own parts using various tools available to us in SL. Now, with mesh being so prevalent, we're seeing most parts sold in-world are uploaded from models and sold as individual parts or as kits that are assembled as complete motorcycles. There are some creators making their own parts from scratch, but these are fewer and fewer as time passes. Plus, there's quite a few products that are simply stolen or 'ripped' from games. The appearance and resemblance to their RL counterparts is amazing by comparison and sometimes the attention to detail is outstanding. Some creators are making truly original parts using in-world tools or tools offline then importing them to SL. If I create a part, my favorite method is to create a model in-world using prims, then converting it to mesh & it remains a truly original part that I created & I find that to be most satisfying. I have tremendous respect for other people that build using that method as it's very demanding & time consuming, but again it's an original. The uploaded models & stolen content from games tends to retain all the original RL trademarks, names & branding associated with the item (such as Harley-Davidson, Indian, Honda, etc. to name a few), rather than any attempt to follow the few & simple rules here governing use of RL trademarks. Personally, I still like to build a bike piece by piece as an original design or style that I developed or envisioned using mesh parts, prims & sculpt maps as a combination of those parts to the final product, regardless as to whether I created the part from scratch or I purchased it in-world from others in their legitimate stores. That is & will always remain my favorite way to build as it's the most creative (to me) & provides the best overall performance in the end. There is a demand by customers for factory-looking motorcycles that they see in RL, so for those customers the many bike kits bring great detail & realism for them (proper trademarks being removed if you are doing things as you should, but often other builders are not so scrupulous). There is a trend, however, among builders or creators to upload mesh models that they find on the internet, some legit & others stolen or 'ripped' from games, & they are sold as original creations or judged by bike show judges as being original parts simply because the creator or builder in-world uploaded something they found on the internet. These are not truly originals created by that builder by any sense of the word or definition, but simply something found & uploaded. Several bike shows have a category for original creations & any build where all the parts do not have that builders name on them are not allowed & considered not to be originals, even though not one item was originally created, but again, simply uploaded from another source. I do not enter bike shows so it matters not to me how they handle them; this is just an observation on that trend. This is not to be construed as any sort of complaint & I'm not looking for any sort of solutions or changes to be made. Rather this is my observation over time from a content creator that has been building since before mesh & continuing now with mesh. I enjoy what I do & will continue to use my best practices accordingly & appreciate all the support received for so many years from many loyal customers. In some ways I miss the old days of prims & sculpt maps as they were generally originals & you had to build everything piece by piece. On the other hand the mesh parts & kits available now can be very detailed & beautifully put together if good practices are utilized & the end result is the customers have wider choices available to them. Sorry this went on so long.
  6. Depending on the item being created, materials and parts are sometimes needed even here in SL. As a builder of motorcycles, powerboats and GTFO! vehicles I often use a combination of parts created by others as well as parts I create myself. Building regions is no different with a multitude of objects being created as well as being purchased from other creators.
  7. The quote from Wimpy in the Popeye cartoon comes to mind: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". Content creators in SL are a vital part of our enjoyment and the SL economy. That being said, and again saying this as a content creator (full disclosure), we create and build products to sell. I'm a firm believer of trying demos before making any purchase and always provide a demo. We should expect this from other creators, but such is not always the case and we've all been burned on buying something without trying it first. Buying it before it's been created is the ultimate risk in my opinion. Research, development, cost of materials and time spent making said creations is the risk we take as creators when we enter a consumer market for profit. The end user should not be expected to bear the burden of something that someone has dreamed-up without something tangible. If the product is good enough and is marketed accordingly, people will respond in-kind by making purchases, but only after trying that same item. Just my opinion, YMMV.
  8. As a content creator, my advice would be no, do not pay in advance for a new product prior to it being released.
  9. I build quite a bit on a daily basis and see something similar to that on occasion, sometimes more frequently than others. In my circumstances it tends to be after I've been working in-world or online for a long time, performing a lot of editing of objects and suddenly I'm unable to move objects much in the manner described and precipitates an impending crash. I've found that if I relog it cures the problem. While logging out too, I'll notice that the log out procedure happens much faster than normal to the point that the log out will begin, then bang, I'm offline very suddenly, rather than the usual slower length of time that I would normally see. And, I've been seeing this quite frequently lately, in the past week. It's not related to any particular region's performance as I've been seeing it lately on a new region that I'm in the process of building and there are very few scripts running in that region at this time, with spare time being 20mps or better. It seems to 'build-up' over time as I work more and more editing and placing particular objects. Not sure if this is what is occurring in your case, but it does work for me. When it occurs, try a quick relog and see if that helps. Good luck.
  10. I just came across this thread , so I apologize for a late response. I figured if someone else reads this it might help them in the future. I'll attempt to contact Catalina in-world with the fix for it. There is a free item in-world called a Tiny Cam HUD that corrects that problem. I provide one on my regions in front of my bike store & know a few others bike builders that also provide them. That issue is in the script in the bike itself. Many builders do not know scripting and just use whatever defaults come in the engine script. It's not just a KCP/ACS script issue. A builder that knows & understands scripting can easily change correct that prior to releasing their build. It's often seen in both the rider (driver) seated position & also in the passenger. Catalina, if you happen across this, I'll attempt to contact you in-world & send you one.
  11. Yes, Whirly's solution works in Firestorm, no question. I've been doing that for years on my regions & rental parcels. The minus sign will remove that particular URL from the list of stations in the drop down, the enter key is how you remove it from the window shown after you've highlighted it or entered another one.
  12. Pulls out waistband looking and sees that something is missing. Not a guy, but you are welcome anyway. hahaha. Glad it helped you find the problem. It was just a similar experience that sounded familiar. The important thing is you're back! Wooo Hooo!
  13. Just the other day I was looking at an object in RL & wanted to view it from the other side but couldn't find my cam arrow keys * sighs.
  14. 1 alt. I build motor vehicles (primarily motorcycles) & for the 1st year it seemed a silly notion for me to maintain another account of any kind. However as business grew the advantages become obvious & now she's my: * crash test dummy * permission tester * animation tester * back-up warehouse storage for original creations * land group co-owner * banker * pose creation (she also has an extra male outfit for sizing larger vehicles for guys & the girls with really large avatars). She's basically an unpaid employee that never complains. Poor thing has hardly any clothes to wear, is usually barefoot & hasn't let the sim in years. I finally gave in and converted her to mesh because I really couldn't stand to look at her. Now she pretty much looks like me in RL which only I know. In her male sized outfit, 'he' is still a classic avatar with layer clothes & while he's really hard to look at for any length of time, he gets the job done with vehicle sizing & pose creations. My best male friend in SL finds it rather disturbing to see him working & gives me good natured grief all the time about him, which is pretty humorous to say the least.
  15. I saw a similar situation earlier this year & had not seen it before. In my instance it was not a message regarding voice, but it was regarding media. The same thing would happen with an odd looking message much like that one, then an immediate crash. After several attempts with crashes to find the issue I remembered that my computer had recently received several updates through Windows & one of them was that Java had updated. It took some searching and sorting out, but eventually I was able to find that something about the Java update had caused changes to the firewall. After sorting through that & making some changes to the firewall, the problem ended. For some reason it had started to block some features of SL I can't say that it's the same problem you are experiencing, but it's worth looking into. Good luck.
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