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  1. I unbox then delete LMs, most advertising photos (unless I feel I need it to further ID the item without wearing it) & notecards if they have no important information I might need. Inside that item's folder I make another folder named "Other" & dump all the extra items made for different bodies or anything I know I won't be using any time soon. That way the folder is manageable & I only see those clothes/items pertaining to mine at that time plus the relevant HUD.
  2. If those shadows are not with the textures of the skybox, it's likely they were created with the use of different windlights. In Firestorm look for your quick preferences and the WL Sky; there's a drop down box to make selections from there. Try using those with your graphics preferences set to Advanced. There's many to choose from depending on the look or effect you're after. Good luck.
  3. I had this awhile back, it'd pop-up from time to time. In my case it was on a homestead that I owned, I was the only resident, it had my store & had been there for about 6 years. It turned-out to be caused by some vending machines of mine that would rez temp demos on display for customers to view & test ride. I never did find the exact causation, but every once in awhile one of the demos would get wonky, stuck or something. I'd get a similar message when I logged-on, but mine would actually state the object (temp rezzed demo) causing the malfunction, due to the name of the demo being in the rez script configuration. Shutting down & restarting the vending machine that rezzed that particular demo solved it. So, you might look into anything you have that will rez temp objects & maybe reset the scripts if you have mod permissions. Some might have the ability to turn on/off the temp objects & that might reset it. Or, try rezzing another one & deleting the offending one. Not sure if it'll work, but it's some simple things to try. Good luck.
  4. It's worth noting that all objects have bounding boxes surrounding them. The bounding boxes can be very close to the same size as the object or sometimes they can be much larger depending on a few factors during creation. If the bounding boxes are close to the same size as the visible object, then you can usually walk near them, sit under them, and so forth. If the boxes are too large then you find you can not even approach those objects. You might be standing or walking quite a distance from what is visible, as if it is surrounded by something solid and invisible, which in-fact, it is. Bounding boxes are not visible unless you elect to turn on the outline highlights. This is an advanced tool some creators use. It is amazing how many 'creators' have no clue about them though, hence there can be a lot of variation from object to object. This is why you will sometimes find that you can walk, run or ride very close to a particular object such as a tree, rock or land form; sit next to them or even go over them while driving in some cases. Other times you'll notice that you can't go near them at all due to over sized bounding boxes. A well made object by a conscientious builder should display characteristics similar to that which you would expect from the object. If it can be modified, setting the object to phantom makes them simply that, a phantom with only the visual appearance of that object as well as the attendant land impact.
  5. Jeggings are stretch jeans; like leggings made of skin tight stretchy denim.
  6. I sell motorcycles in SL and among my customers they seem to be pretty well divided 50/50 as avatars that are 'bikers' portraying the biker lifestyle like in an MC (motorcycle club) or riding lone wolf vs. people that just like to ride motorcycles and are more into clothing and fashion. A bit similar to the mods & rockers from the 60s in style & fashion, not so much in vehicle choice as most ride motorcycles compared to scooters. It does seem a large number of them are baby boomer age and retired or are approaching retirement age, just based on casual conversations with them inworld.
  7. 40 something here. My SL friends seem to cover quite a range from somewhere around 20 ish to 60s.
  8. Sorry if I was not clear. I am the estate manager. I'm not saying memory is the best way of measuring, but from an estate manager perspective it's a quick way to determine the region's overall health and what's causing any issues as compared to a strict number of scripts count. Most importantly though the resulting lag experienced by the rider is mostly a result of their scripts. This is a fairly short, simple way for riders to see it when displayed on a board, if they care. My point was simply that a lot of riders with plenty of experience ride with excessive scripts regardless. Some care and others don't. From my perspective, when I run low scripts, I ride better and everything performs smoothly within reason considering the location and the day of the week (ie: peak times). Everyone has different tolerance levels for how much lag they want to deal with.
  9. Even sending them an IM will often cause them to become 'unstuck' and log off.
  10. Yes, script count itself is not an accurate measurement or way of predicting usage. The amount of memory used in mb is the more important number. It's been a long held myth or urban legend that the greater the number of scripts, the greater the lag. There is some truth to this in a general sense in that usually as the number of personal scripts increases the more affect it has. That's a very broad statement and only partially true but not in all cases. You could have more running scripts on your avatar and use less memory than someone else using fewer scripts. Running a full region for riding motorcycles you see a lot of people riding with a lot of unnecessary (for the purpose of riding) scripts running. Often I see people running scripts consuming memory of over 5.00mb. A simple, but well dressed avatar in full mesh body and clothing can easily keep their script memory down below 1.25mb and often less than 900mb if they make the effort. I have 'low mb' outfits in my wardrobe for the explicit purpose of riding/flying/boating/whatever. It's very easy to do, but sadly most people don't even bother to lower the usage. It really does make a difference.
  11. I maintain a full region (stand alone) that is filled with roads and scenery for riding motorcycles. It's primarily a test facility for my road tests, customer demo rides and also a full region for others to use in a relatively low lag environment. I only use a small bit for the store, my modest 2 room house and a building platform to work in private. Otherwise the entire region is open to all who like to ride motorcycles, regardless of who built them.
  12. Spend a lot of "seat time" in your vehicle on stand-alone regions and on mainland. Get used to the variations of different conditions and your computer/settings/vehicle, etc. There's a lot of good information offered here thus far. Understand too that everyone is different in their vehicle, graphics card, connection speed, location, etc. I suggest you try the various suggestions in the areas you prefer to ride and see which ones work for you by improving the overall experience. Not all situations are the same and what works for one person may not work all or in-part for others. But, certainly try them and see which does work. The number of personal scripts on your avatar is a bit misleading. While generally the more scripts you carry, the more memory you use, but that's not entirely true all the time. More important is the script memory used in mb. Keep an open mind too about the location as not all roads, tracks and riding regions are built the same. Quality varies everywhere. The amount of textures and their size is a huge factor in some areas and affects overall performance. Full disclosure: I build & ride motorcycles & limited edition hi-speed performance boats. I maintain my own full region/riding 'sim'/store where I can control the lag within some reasonable fashion for purposes of building, testing, selling and demos for customers to test ride. That being said, I also perform a lot of 'seat time' on mainland and on the seas testing in areas of high lag and traffic for the express purpose of building better vehicle. Aircraft I fly just for fun. On mainland, the seas & waterways, private regions, anyplace I'm riding, flying or boating I keep the draw distance at 320m so I can see everything on the region I'm traveling as well as the region on approach. Riding a motorcycle I run lower gears and speeds on mainland because there are so many textures rezzing all the time and the region crossings, of course. Not all vehicles are geared the same so that needs to be taken into consideration. In the air I like to fly jets, so my speeds tend to be mid range to high speed and I don't have a lot of problems overall. Yes, there are going to be times when high speed flight is out of the question and that's OK considering most of the better made aircraft can maintain reasonable level flight at low speed with flaps down. Sailing, I like the ease and relaxation of sailing and generally have few problems as long as I pay attention to the surroundings. I don't find crossing at an agle to be problematic as long as it's not on a corner or set of 4 corners. That is certain death! Now for high performance power boating, things get interesting. I like high speed boating in RL & SL, so naturally my SL boats have to be fast; very fast. Testing for my personal boats is at the same 320m draw distance with my Maitreya avatar, mesh sneakers, layer applier jeans and a mesh shirt or bikini top of some kind as long as my overall memory used for personal scripts is less than 900mb. Then, the boat is tested at wide open throttle with no additional boost added for 50 - 100 crossings in 1 run at wide open throttle. To put this in perspective a typical run might be from the Cividale pyramid south through the Blake Sea, west past Nautilas, then south again to Kingpost. I only explain all this to place some context and perspective for my point of view. This is in no way an indication of the performance you might or might not have with any given vehicle/computer/connection, etc. Just try yours in various situations and locations and find what works for you. I don't have a super computer, just an average out-of-the-box store bought PC with a decent connection speed and mildly upgraded graphics card. YMMV and good luck.
  13. Always on; use it a lot. It's in the lower corner of the screen and slightly larger than a postage stamp, but invaluable for orientation on land, sea & air; locating rez areas & ban lines.. About the only time I remove it from the screen is when a HUD overlaps enough to be annoying, but usually the mini map wins out & the HUD gets ditched.
  14. ...not to mention that my family members have no interest whatsoever in hearing me talking to my computer.
  15. In RL I use text over voice on phone approximately 90:1. In other words I prefer to text 90% of the time in RL over using voice on the telephone. Texting fits my lifestyle, so that's my choice. One thing that I find interesting is the number of times I've heard people say they prefer to voice because they are too lazy to type, usually accompanied my various ambient noises reflecting off bare walls and ceilings, "ummm", "and", "like", "ok", "you know"... The wide range of equipment used and the quality, or lack thereof, regarding mics, speakers, headphones, earbuds and not to mention the acoustics of the room just spoils the whole immersion/fantasy virtual world, for me. I have no patience when someone is on mic while chewing, fiddling, chair squeaking, coughing, dog barking. I like to set the mood, play some tunes, RP and just get into a groove. After all, it's a fantasy. You don't need to hear me laughing, snorting, spewing a soft drink out my nose or eating a Cheetoh I found in my hair. If I want RL, I'll just go back to RL. If you spend hours tweaking, adjusting, defining and refining your avatar, image, wardrobe, persona and lifestyle in SL, why not make an effort on your voice quality too? At the very least, try making some simple, sample recordings of yourself, live, online interacting with others so that you can play it back and actually hear what you sound like. It's no different than looking in the mirror or looking at your avatar, it's simply verifying that you reflect the image you attempt to portray. If none of those things matter to you, then it's a moot point and makes no difference to you, but you'd still be surprised at what an open mic 'picks up'. The fantasy and immersion of the virtual world for me is likened to reading a novel. I create the image in my imagination based on the information presented to me. Seeing the movie version is the less preferred method, but can still be entertaining if done well.
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