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  1. Add a transparent prim, linked to the object for sale. Edit the transparent prim to extend past the face of the glass so that the customer can touch it to purchase. They don't see the extension, but it's attached. Then add the item you are selling inside that object, using the original touchable object as a sales box.
  2. If the skybox is under a group of yours and you make any changes in the wording of the group description or in the description of that group, bots will start coming. Over the years I've noticed this on my own regions. I've seen it start within minutes of making changes.
  3. For my purposes I have the region on a 10 minute auto return with open rez everywhere. The residents prims were not on auto return (set within the group). Everyone could rez and in 10 minutes stuff was returned if they were not actually riding or sitting on it. Once they stand, auto return takes over. This way the residents could also rez anyplace, but their stuff was unaffected. This also works with no open rez and a dedicated rez area. It's not for everyone and their situation, but one that has worked for me.
  4. Leave the default for general group members, such as you might have a group joiner on a visitor board for example. For anyone with more than general rights or powers, such as your Residents, you would invite them yourself and while doing so can provide them with the proper role for your intended purpose.
  5. Look at the Roles. You can create separate roles (and titles) and give them different powers such as the ability to rez, among others. Some can have limited authority and powers while some have none at all, depending on purpose.
  6. It's great that you take this seriously in-regard to trademarks; not many do when it comes to names and logos. Trademark owners can locate product violations by sending an avatar in-world and shopping, but you can see this is not a very effective use of time and resources. More effective is searching keywords across the internet and MP is out there with many other real and virtual markets. Using H-D as the example, all model names are trademarked: Sportster, Fat Boy, Wide Glide, Slim Bob, Road Glide, etc. So, it's not just limited to the manufacturers name and logos. Animats is correct regar
  7. I've noticed for quite some time, when using Firestorm Search, that often the search comes-up negative for that avatar name; about 50% of the time. However, at the top of the page, next tab over (People), search there and you'll find almost everyone.
  8. I fell in love with the mainland speed cams after the first encounter ...wow...like forever ago. And I'm with Aeth on this, they are a blast to try to set new records for the highest posted speed at the time. There's always a couple hidden someplace on my sim. When I encounter them on mainland it still puts a smile on my face as I put the spurs to 'er.
  9. Look within the group itself and create separate roles for the members with one role being specific to residents, giving them rez rights. That should fix the issue, if I'm understanding correctly. Good luck.
  10. I know a person that 'died' in RL and in SL back in 2012 and a lot of friends and acquaintances were devastated, including me. That avatar has not logged-on since then. However, this same person told me names of some of their alts in casual conversation some time prior to the event. Sure enough, one by one the alts starting appearing and following old habits, behaviors, decorating of sims, same clothing etc. Then, somewhere along the way the newest alt mentioned yet another alt that was new to me, but had been around for long before I came to SL. A couple years later while shopping, there
  11. I love riding all regions that have decent roads, private regions or mainland. +1 for the ocean floor!
  12. Full disclosure: I build and sell Moto Bazzi motorcycles using my own heavily modified scripts. Former KCP/ACS user and I still use a very few of their products, but not mainly. This is not about me, but about experience and observations. And, to set the record straight, in RL you do use the handlebars to steer, but this isn't about RL. SL motorcycles can run on several script 'engines' for the motion and operation of the bike. Cory Linden wrote the first motorcycle script and most bike scripts trace their roots back to that one, which is still available as an open source script.
  13. Well-made mesh parts can often help reduce your overall land impact on a moving object (vehicle). In the past, the 32 prim limit applied and scripts would just 'shut-down' and no longer function to move the vehicle. That's somewhat a thing of the past now, however some scripts will still throw that error message back at you. Karyn's even has a script for vehicles over 32 prims. get that and drop it into the root prim and you're good to go. Good luck and have fun.
  14. When you are exploring try pressing SHIFT CTRL ALT 7 (simultaneously) on your keyboard and watch the seas "vanish". This handy little feature makes the water disappear from view so you can work unfettered terraforming, decorating or whatever. Press the same keys to return to normal. The water is still there and you will float, it's just invisible. If you drop below sea level you'll see the water again as you are now underneath it. You can still traverse the seas by boat, appearing to hover over the sea bed. While doing so, you can also see how much effect adding more textures to any give
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