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  1. I own Stellar Interior Designs, Im looking for an assistant and Interior designers/decorators, that are good at styling with differnt styles and colors. We do projects such as full house renovations, nursery's , children's room, outdoors , bathrooms etc. using your preferences/standards! {IM in world if you have any questions on job or being a client}
  2. Mckenna4cute

    Interior Designer/Decorator

    _ Stellar Interior Designs _ We do projects such as full house renovations, nursery's , children's room, outdoors , bathroom etc. Please IM Inworld for the need of an designer/decorator so I can send you the forum Best of luck!
  3. Mckenna4cute

    Looking to build a family!

    My name is Primrose (Mckenna4Cute) I'm seeking to build a big family! ( Anyone is welcome) Speaks English- Role's Grandparents Mom Dad Siblings (LOTS) Pets
  4. Looking for.... Queen/King ( Monarchs) Princess(S) Prince(s) Suitors (to marry^) Duchess ( married to a duke) Duke (rulers of a small country) Royal Children Nobles (person of high ranking) (Please IM me in game as well Mckenna4Cute)
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    Mid-sized kids places?

    I see your interested in ballet, I own a ballet studio called Graceful Dance id love to see you there!
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    Beazley Dance Company ------ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ------ Dance seasons last about 3-4 months depending on dance schedule. (DO NOT POST HERE) Either ask me for a application inworld or send me a notecard with your answers! Name(First and Last): Roleplay age: Time Zone: _What days and times are you available_ *Teams and ages* Tiny Shortcakes 3-4 Mini Elite 5-7 Junior Crush 8-11 ____Fees____ Building rent fee: L$10 a month *Payment* L$20 a month *Contact Information* Owner: Mckenna4Cute
  7. Mckenna4cute

    Beazley Dance company

    I looking for some dance coaches to teach at my new dance studio! Here's a list of the teams and ages, contact me at Mckenna4Cute if you wanna be a coach! - Tiny Shortcakes ages: 3-4 - Mini Elite ages: 5-7 - Junior Gold ages: 8-11
  8. Mckenna4cute

    Looking to build a family!

    Im looking for a mother, please im me!
  9. Mckenna4cute

    Looking to build a family!

    OF course just im me
  10. I'm looking for a partner(male) to build a roleplay family with! I'm friendly, have a good sense of humor, own Primrose Learning Center (school) and Chantel Ballet Academy (Ballet for youngsters). IM at Mckenna4Cute if interested!
  11. Mckenna4cute

    Looking For A Ballet Teacher!

    Looking For A Ballet Teacher I'm in search for 1 or 2 ballet teachers to teach ballet for students at Primrose Learning Center! IM (Mckenna4Cute) me for an Job Application-------- Teaching 45 minute classes Salary: L$15 (monthly) *Donations are welcomed and appricated*
  12. Mckenna4cute

    Teachers Needed

    My IM is Primrose D. Duchanne (Mckenna4Cute) I am looking for teacher's to fill spots in my new Pre-K Learning center(School). Im in the works of opening up an full elementary school! I'm looking for those who can teach 35-45 minute classes Monday - Thursday. Payment is 25L$ for each class you teach! The school year is 16 weeks(4months) IM me for an application, make sure to return ASAP before, august 24th.
  13. Mckenna4cute

    looking for a job

    Hi Im prim, I am looking to fill a teacher position in my Pre-k learning center(school). I would love to have u contact me at McKenna4Cute!
  14. Mckenna4cute

    Wanted ::: ♥ Babysitter / Nanny ♥

    looking for an Job as an Babysitter, I love watching them play and grow up to be an good person ,im willing to homeschool Cost: Babysitter- 10Ls HomeSchooling-15Ls Nanny-10Ls Tutor-15Ls My name is Julianna E. Landerson (Mckenna4cute) *Follow me with an Im if u need me*