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  1. 16 hours ago, Reid Parkin said:

    I didn't know it ever went to sleep. Customers IM me from time to time about the problem (as did Thallann). It's never happened to me, which is weird since I'm working on my plants all the time. I've seen it in people's gardens and friend told me he bought the plants like that, so I told him how to fix it. I'll try to keep track of how often I get asked how to fix it, but to me it doesn't seem like it was ever fixed. When Thallann IMed me I didn't think 'oh no this old problem has resurfaced', I just anxiously reponded, as I do from time to time.

    Hey Reid, thanks for responding. And from the images I think you can see that not all the plants affected were made by you.  If I counted correctly there are 4 other creators. SEE  before and after images:

    My grass from HPMD*   - pics 1 and 2

    Hibiscus bush from ~AB~  - pics 3 and 4

    Also from creators not shown due to upload limit here on the forum:

    Flowering vines from Heart   and Alligator bush from Sky Studios











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  2. 5 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    Yes. It's the alpha channel (the data that sets the transparency for the different parts of the texture) that fails to load. It has nothing to do with the sim so restarting it isn't ging to make any difference.

    I think the first thing you should do, is edit the plant, go to the Texture tab and check that Alpha mode is set to either blending or masking. There have been some incidents in the past when rezzed objects have had their alpha mode switched to none by accident and if that happens, you get exactly the result we see in your picture. The bug that cused this to happen is presumed to be fixed at least twice but with code as messy as SL's you never know if it turns up again.

    If everyhing seems ok with the alpha mode, it's almost certainly corrupted cache files and the solution is what Mollymews suggested: clear cahce and restart.

    THANKS! The alpha modes were set to NONE. Simply changing this fixed the issue.

    I was really dreading weeding up all these plants and placing them again. This was a big help!

  3. THANKS! The alpha modes were set to NONE. Simply changing this fixed the issue.

    I was really dreading weeding up all these plants and placing them again. This was a big help!

    11 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    i have had this happen to me also at different times.  I think its a viewer texturing issue.  The viewer stalls and the textures don't render at highest resolution

    my fixes were to try a viewer refresh on each object by right-click edit and hope.  I think some TPVs like Firestorm have a menu/dialog option to do this (not sure exactly where in the TPVs this is. Somebody else might be able to tell us)

    when there are heaps like this then my go to is: Clear Cache and Hi thanks for the reply


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  4. Ok, I need some assistance here. So I've been on my sim for over 3 years and had my plants rezzed for nearly that. But today I log in and the majority of my vegetation look like flat textures stuck together. (see photos 1-3)

    However, I used some of the same plants at my family's vacation spot in another sim and they have not changed.  (Photo 4)

    Any idea why this is happening? Will it resolve itself or do I need to uproot these plants and replant them? BTW - tried restarting the sim and this does not help.





  5. 5 hours ago, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    Phew, for a minute there  I thought you were having a Whites only party.


    HAHAH...nooooooooooooo... Google WHITE PARTY - they are pretty popular for New Years.

    All are welcomed! No prejudices here. Just come have a wonderful time and let's bring in the new year with a blast!

    SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hermes Island/140/132/25

    NOTE: Land will be accessible from 10pm slt

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  6. Please join us for a spectacular New Years white Party! All are welcomed!

    Everyone wears WHITE as we enjoy music, dancing, food, photos, a New Years countdown and FIREWORKS!

    WHEN: Sunday 31st December, 2017

    TIME: 11pm SLT until

    ATTIRE: Formal or Smart Casual ( WHITE )



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