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  1. Hello, is mudbox good for creating high quality skins for avatars? and if so does anyone know any good tutorial for that, i searched a lot but i couldnt find useful ones. Do we use the standered sl mesh avatar for the texturing or what, and how we can export only the texture to sl...im so confused, if someone can help me please!! thank you so much
  2. Im in need for makeup creator to teach me how to do maleup in sl. Im willing to pay whatever it takes, all help is appropriated Thank you
  3. Hi, how can i get those kits?! And if i dont have a store yet can i have them?! Thank you
  4. I have been trying to understand how they create skins and makeup here for mesh heads What programs they use for that (if its not ps) and do they paint it or use real picture as a texture? your help is really appreciated, i have been looking for a very long time watching videos and so Thanks
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