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  1. .════════.✮:PHANTOMS::❈.════════
    ══.✮WHO: DJ CHARM
    ══.✮WHEN: 6-8 pm slt

    Come down tonight just as you are and enjoy the lovely dancers.  No need to change or wear anything special we will love you just the way you are ;)  DJ CHARM will play some great music to relax and unwind to. Anyone Welcome!


  2. hi not sure if this is the place or not but i thought maybe a builder would know why i would get an error rezzing one house and everything else is i rez rezzed without an issue?

    10:23] Second Life: Can't rez object '[BR] BV GARAGE' at { 163.664, 183.237, 4004.87 } on parcel 'German Land Holding [GLH] - Sandbox (clean every 24 hours)' in region German Land Holding because the owner of this land does not allow it.  Use the land tool to see land owners
    [10:23] [BR] Bella Villa 6 bdrms: Structure rezzed, move the box gently to its final location, the pieces will follow, click this box for a menu.

    do you know what would make a rez box not rez but responds with a message as if it did?

  3. Kitty Katz is looking for a DJ to cover Thursdays nights, possibly more! Does not have to be experienced but does need to know how to stream and to have a stream! Stop by the club for an application or IM me hometwnbrat resident for the application then please send it back to charmedaz resident! Thanks ! :) 100% tips are yours!


    Taxi to the Club, check it out and get an application!

    Kitty Katz Strip Club



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