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  1. Ah I'm glad you find it useful, Miller. I think I should unlist it now, because when I installed the latest EEP viewer, I found that my sky is completely broken now. Much brighter, haze vanished. Also, the second rainbow which was hidden on the horizon accross from the sun produces a halo which becomes just as bright as the sun itself when you face it with your camera. Light changes when you rotate your camera now, as if your eyes were adjusting, but not quite right.
  2. I made my sky setting freely available on Marketplace in the "beta test" category https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Silas-EEP-sky/17229649
  3. I wish to say that I am loving my EEP sky now. I'm not seeing the flickering black frames in the viewer, it is only after I I "produce" the video capture that they appear.
  4. problems on the avatar sound like problems with the alphas, glitching like on the window in the chicken house at 1:29 in my video. It would be interesting if @Marianne McCann could try the nightly build, because I am no longer seeing the window glitching on that build.
  5. I found that I was able to carry my EEP settings to Babbage, which, I beliee is on the main channel. (I then assumed that EEP was on all servers now, but I guess not ?)
  6. the problems I listed above are shown around 1:30 to 2:00 in the video I posted above : The window inside the wooden house, then the way a distant object pops into view when exiting the house. Then, as the camera flies out of the house, look at the sea in the distance and how the sky reflects on the water while the mountains' reflections appears further from the shore. At 3:10 you see the strange reflections in the water.
  7. I tested EEP today, looking at different materials and how they are rendered. I must say I quite like it now ! There are still problems though. Apart from alpha glitching, most of the problems seem to occur at a great distance. Objects pop into view only when they are no longer partially occluded by a nearby object. Reflections of a mountain on the sea appears in the wrong place depending on camera height. Weird reflections in water. When your camera is high above ground level, the sea looks just wrong, it makes for a dizzying experience when you rotate your camera. Distant objects blend with the sky better than before, but not the horizon itself.
  8. I tested EEP today, looking at different materials and how they are rendered. I must say I quite like it now !
  9. Will it be possible to override EEP entirely and continue to use Windlight in Firestorm ?
  10. About glossiness, I agree, I already set my glossiness low (no higher than 20) in most cases, because some windlights enhance it too much. With EEP.... it is like if it was all the way up. I haven't even bothered to mention it, because this is just one more detail. EEP is turning into a nightmare. I hope it will be possible to override it entirely....
  11. Granted, it is less ugly without ALM... but then there is no normal maps, no materials, and no shadows...
  12. With EEP, it seems impossible to make distant objects blend into the sky, no matter how you tweak the settings. Distant objects become cutout grey-white against the sky. EEP seems better than Windlight at fog at close range though, but I'm not sure. Here is a video showing objects at various distances. First half of the video is in firestorm : observe how the landscape gradually fades into the sky. Second half of the video is the same scene in the EEP viewer...
  13. So, at the meeting today, someone mentioned that the moving shadow problem might be related to sculpties bounding box. So, I tried with mesh. It does it on mesh, on avatars and on terrain, as you will be able to see in this video. The problem is related to draw distance somehow : https://youtu.be/v8xQ55zyjqE
  14. So, now that EEP works on Bluesteel, it's more fun playing with EEP. The testing regions on Aditi were cool, but, it's flat, so you don't really get a sense of what you are doing. So, first thing I notice, yes, the settings files in the library are way off, they don't compare to the originals. Also, I don't know if it is related to EEP at all, but in that viewer, land textures are extremely blurry. The line in the middle of the sky is a known issue, I think, but now that I can have mountains, I see a similar line dancing around the mountains in the distance as I cam around. Here is a video showing these last two points https://youtu.be/zkKjY9t0H1M
  15. EEP was supposed to come to aditi this week, I think, is that still happening ?
  16. Okay I installed the official viewer, and tried to upload three textures in a bulk. I got the error for the first file after a relatiely short time. Then... the two others uploaded just fine. So I retried the first and it uploaded. ?! What now...
  17. The problem persists here. I thought I'd give 5.0.1 a try... No luck. I went back to 4.7.7 again, anything after that I can't upload textures. Ah yes, I can upload a texture if it's a few pixels by a few pixels, that is one of the million crazy things I tried back then when I first had the issue with 4.7.9 What worries me is that now 4.7.7 is the oldest authorized version..... What happens the day that is blocked ?
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