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  1. Thank you Theresa. Is there already a jira for that ?
  2. Hello is there a bug with eyelashes or what am I doing wrong, if I try to place eyelashes where they are supposed to be at the top right corner of the head texture, they just don't show up with bakes on mesh ? I made sure to create new body parts items, no old or default texture is worn... yet default eyelashes show up instead of the ones on my texture. In the end I gave up and moved the eyelashes to a separate material and set it to aux1 On the head slot I just can't get it to work. Is that expected ? Thanks.
  3. LL owns the textures "as much as" the original creator. What I am suggesting is that the skin object be converted to a universal that serves the same purpose, except only for the left arm and left leg. It is the same intended purpose i.e. use as skin. The problem is that people's favourite skin textures can be 15 years old and the original creator is not around anymore to create the universal.
  4. Since this onion skin layer for left arm and left foot seems to be the only viable solution, I wonder if it would be possible for LL to create a tool allowing people to convert a skin they own to a universal for left arm and left foot ? It would solve this problem.
  5. I can see a way PanGemini. However, it would have to be prepared by the creator of the skin, unless they sell the textures along with the skin. First let's see if I understand the problem correctly. You have the system uv on the mesh at bottom, and on top of that you have an onion skin layer that is set to left arm and left leg. You can use system skin, but if you put a tattoo on your (right) arm, it also appears on the left arm, because they are mirrored overlapping islands. However, you can add a tattoo to left arm only, since that will go on the onion skin layer, and not interfer
  6. I only set the eyelashes to alpha blending. alpha masking for everything else. No glitching.
  7. Just thinking aloud here : If you make it so that you can hide only your left arm with an alpha on a BOM body, that will mean that you can't use system skin at all, which makes BOM much less attractive. As I stated above, to me it makes sense to use the left arm only as an onion skin that is invisible most of the time, you would use is only to add tattoos. In that scenario, if you want to hide only the left arm you would have to use some other medhod with a BOM body, not an alpha, which can only hide both arms at the same time.
  8. The thing is, with BOM, any programmer could make your alpha HUD that will be compatible with all bodies (except for any extra mesh part that does not correspond to the system uv's) anyway, you can use old system clothing alphas to hide parts of your BOM body.
  9. There is something I don't get, can someone explain ? The left leg and left arm slots are apparently regular auxiliary slots, which means if you use them on your body, then the system skin doesn't come through if you remove your universals. I thought one of the aims of BOM was so that people could use their old skins ? Anyway, I was wondering what was preferable. 1. To have a body that can show the system skin, but then you can't have "tattoos" on your left arm and left foot. 2. To be able to have "tattoos" on your left arm and left foot, but then you can't use your system skin at
  10. Why does this cause confusion ? if you have 50 avatars at an event, 120MB each means what, 6GB total VRAM for the avatars alone ? your machine can handle that ? and When there are 100 avatars ?
  11. There is a misunderstanding, there was no talk of forced LOD's : Instead, creating LOD's would not increase the land impact as long as they remain within a reasonable limit. For instance, with animesh which already encourages LOD's, each level can be half of the one above. (ex : 2000 - 1000 - 500 - 250 tris) There is no penalty for "zeroing out", simply it doesn't make sense anymore.
  12. I was thinking more like 5. That, or a tri count limit of 100k total, avatar + clothing and attachments. Or, even better a VRAM limit of 120MB (that would account for 10 faces including materials and is insanely too much imho)
  13. What I want to see ? A very small limit to the number of items one avatar can wear at a time. Also @Vir Linden to avoid utter confusion, I think it would be good to introduce a new term other than Land Impact. Let LI remain unchanged, simply it ceases to have any effect once Arctan is implemented. This will allow for the myriad of vendor pictures out there to not show wrong and misleading numbers. The numbers will just become useless, they will have no effect, but they will not be wrong. The new ARCTAN count would then use a new term for the actual cost counting towards the limit of ite
  14. well, then, surely, if you use one of the default slots with a different uv, the system will "bake" the skin layer at bottom which uses the default uv... So, it will look all mangled until you wear a universal to point to a texture that uses the actual uv's of your mesh. I think that would be very confusing, that is why I would rather use auxiliaries for anything that does not have the standard uv's.
  15. Could you explain, please ? I only see three. all the others are bound to the default uv's, aren't they ? Five would suit me ---- Edit : Nevermind, I just assumed that left leg and left arm used the default uv Thanks
  16. I installed (64bit) today and I'm quite happy with it. It was quite bad for the last few releases, now it's very pretty again.
  17. Ah I'm glad you find it useful, Miller. I think I should unlist it now, because when I installed the latest EEP viewer, I found that my sky is completely broken now. Much brighter, haze vanished. Also, the second rainbow which was hidden on the horizon accross from the sun produces a halo which becomes just as bright as the sun itself when you face it with your camera. Light changes when you rotate your camera now, as if your eyes were adjusting, but not quite right.
  18. I made my sky setting freely available on Marketplace in the "beta test" category https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Silas-EEP-sky/17229649
  19. I wish to say that I am loving my EEP sky now. I'm not seeing the flickering black frames in the viewer, it is only after I I "produce" the video capture that they appear.
  20. problems on the avatar sound like problems with the alphas, glitching like on the window in the chicken house at 1:29 in my video. It would be interesting if @Marianne McCann could try the nightly build, because I am no longer seeing the window glitching on that build.
  21. I found that I was able to carry my EEP settings to Babbage, which, I beliee is on the main channel. (I then assumed that EEP was on all servers now, but I guess not ?)
  22. the problems I listed above are shown around 1:30 to 2:00 in the video I posted above : The window inside the wooden house, then the way a distant object pops into view when exiting the house. Then, as the camera flies out of the house, look at the sea in the distance and how the sky reflects on the water while the mountains' reflections appears further from the shore. At 3:10 you see the strange reflections in the water.
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