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  1. In the Leamont neighborhood. A few blocks from the ocean, but close enough to enjoy getting there.
  2. The grid was open when I logged back in to start decorating. Worth the button mashing.
  3. Got one, just in time to decorate for All Hallow's Eve!!
  4. I did it! After a few hours of refreshing, I finally got into a Belliseria home! Just in time to decorate for All Hallow's Eve! *happy dance*
  5. My other avatar has a Meadowbrook Plumtree. It's a decent location and works well for a photo studio, but is smaller than what I would like to play with for decorating. A Belliseria style home would be ideal for what I would love to work with. The houseboats are appealing, because access to water, but still limited with the direction I want to go.
  6. Yeah, no thank you on the "trailer park" lifestyle in Second Life. I come to this virtual platform to create something better than what I have to endure in RL. I will keep refreshing to try my luck with getting into a nice house or houseboat. The older Linden Homes in the Meadowbrook region are nice, but smaller than what I would like to play with.
  7. So far I've refreshed multiple times. A houseboat, then a regular house cam up, but by the time I hit the button to accept, I received the "sold out" message.
  8. With such popular demand for the new look of houses and houseboats, how much effort would it be for Linden Labs to overhaul some of the regions with older Linden Homes? Just curious. I'd love to become a member of the new communities, but I know the demand is high and supply is low.
  9. I paid through PayPal, account shows US dollars were withdrawn. The Lindens I purchased do not show up in my account or on the marketplace.
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