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  1. I tryed but continue to hear that 20sec music audio apparently random
  2. Fabrixx Beck

    spam sound

    Hello. I bought a land and I would like to have musical evenings. Sometimes a 20 second spam sound starts, which disturbs everything at a very loud volume, but not where it comes from. I suspect it is sent by someone to disturb me but from sound explorer I find nothing. How can I defend myself? How can I trace where it comes from and who sends it?
  3. I created my group today and saw the $ 30l option to show it in the search. I didn't select the option. I then found the option selected but no longer the 30l $ message. How can I tell if I have activated the thing and how much it costs me?
  4. Ok Ive buyed a gtx1060 3gb msi and work very well
  5. Thank you Qie Niangao. I've tested today SL at 95% quality, advanced lightning, antialiasing 4x, vsync off, draw distance 130 and i have an fps of 54/60 and in a full sim with high level of textures decrease to 30 fps
  6. Is better 1050 2 GB Ram or 1050 ti oc 4 Gb? Or my 650ti 1 Gb Ram is suufficent? Thank you
  7. Hi. I've assembled a new pc with core i7 6700 16 gb ddr4 but have manteined my old gtx650ti 1gb. For sl I have to upgrade? I'm thinking to a 1050ti 4gb. I'm not a videogamer, only for sl. I've read about a cap of 1gb for sl and users have some problems with 980. 1060 is to high and expensive.
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