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  1. "& all the children are insane." I'll just leave the point at that, for the time. "You dig it the most."
  2. You're the one that suggested, "You can chew on them". Be careful, because things less dignified than Colored Pencils variably chew back. In the Queen song titled "Who Needs You", they suggested the quote, "Where is that helping hand?" I figured you got the point, though I wouldn't call you out about it, not actually.
  3. There's not a chance I'd be quiet about Terrorism, not even in America, ol' buds, if that's your problem. You have a right to learn to count to 10 & stop as well. There were 13 States cited in the Constitution of the United States, & 3 of them were predominantly Tribal Mayan occupied territories. You have a documented War Criminal Terrorism, if you really "don't" want to talk about it. You do have a history though.
  4. Is that an "Aztec" joke?! When the rights of Tribal Mayans are not equal to the suggested rights of War Criminal Terrorists, not at all, you might have a right to "shut your mouth", & that's precisely what you should do if you're a War Criminal Terrorist.
  5. I'm not obliged to reply to you, *****, not at all. I'm making a point with this community about my Rights as a Tribal Mayan, & the racists would speak up & quibble first, guaranteed. How about "Qualification Requirements" for political office, boy-geniuses? "Thomas Paine is the vote that voted first & last."
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_cities_by_area I would wager that, in the consideration of percentages, white Americans suggested "Phony Island Planet" more times than me.
  7. "I was a legend all through the land. I was blowin' to a million fans. There was nothin' that was missin'. All the people wanna listen. You'd a thought I was a happy man." Who are they talkin' about, Willis?
  8. "Where is that helping hand?" Have you guys watched the Amazon original series titled "The High Man in the Castle"? Or wait, it was "The Man in the High Castle", because it was the castle that was "high", right? If it's about liking people that point guns at other people, are you aware of how to say, "I like you" in Russian? I went to High School in Guthrie, Oklahoma, the starting location of the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. In my sophomore year of High School I got personally selected of the High School Guidance Counselor to join the Guthrie High School Debate Team. I was one of
  9. Today, October 8th, 2018, is the first annual Indigenous Peoples' Day in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is the 8th largest City on the Planet. "The Witch sings in sighs, The Gold Mine."
  10. "I'm causin' a mild sensation with this new occupation. I'm in the news. I'm just getting used to my new exposure."
  11. I as well got a 1 prim beer tap that was like 15L$, sculpt. I noticed the Club Serpent Noir has a beer tap that's like 14 prims or more. I got a stack of boxes as well that's 1 prim. In addition to that, I got a 1 prim sculpted industrial barrel, & a 1 prim sculpted wooden barrel. I'm seriously considering this project. If I take my time, I would suggest, "I'll probably do this."
  12. I just bought a 1 prim bomb. It's 1 prim if it's 40 meters tall. It's 1 prim if it's 1 meter suggested "small". It's a 1 prim bomb!! I noticed there's a 1 prim sculpted keg on the marketplace as well. Can you imagine the volume of beer in a 40 meter tall 1 prim keg?! I'm not sure the Meshed Up Brewers could handle all the beer contained in a 1 prim keg! "Duh" would fall out of their mouths a few times, huh? ^.^ What do you think?
  13. I just bought a 1 prim bomb!! It's a 1 prim bomb if it's 40 Meters tall. It's a 1 prim bomb if it's 1 meter suggested "small". It's a 1 prim bomb!! I noticed they had a 1 prim sculpted keg as well. Can you imagine the volume of beer that could be contained in a 1 prim keg that was 40 Meters tall? I'm not even sure the Meshed Up Brewers could handle all that beer within a 1 prim keg!
  14. A Sociology is implicitly intrinsic of a Community. I want a good SecondLife Community & Sociological context, & I'm mostly consistently pleased. "It's not a game. It's a Social & Graphic Media Community Forum." Like Drawing Paper & Colored Pencils, the Virtual World is here to stay.
  15. Actually, I think that the "Correct" approach would be to compare Firestorm 4.7.7 & the LL code, & then parse the features out of the LL Code & the Firestorm 4.7.7 code, which would be like to "Spoon" the code, because "Yeah, that's where it started." Chris Cornell said, "Thank You For LettinmebeMiceElfAgain". That guy was a programming guru & prophetic genius!!
  16. See, & I really am tired of babysitting this topic. Hypothetical: I suggest, "I want to implement a few features for compatibility with Sansar & High Fidelity as well." & somebody retorts, "You want compatibility between SL & Sansar?!", I'd want to block that person from further comment in this topic. If you missed the topic title, it's "Wanted: Viewer Developers". Most all the people that replied in this topic are Firestorm Developers, so they're not really replying with any sort of respect, not at all. As well, I'm looking for "Viewer Developers", so th
  17. What's your interest in me, Callum Meriman? You antagonized my Topic about "Wanted: Viewer Developers" & you reacted or commented in each of my Topics. That's an interesting feign of interest for a Firestorm Dev.
  18. This actually is MY Topic. It's not a topic about Firestorm bugs, not at all. Do you spammers understand that?! See, now people of interest have to read through my reaction & how I coped with the comments of "other viewer developers". That's really not fair, & it's how scared Firestorm Developers are of people like me, & that's upsetting. Part of the reason that I wanted to work with the FS 4.7.7 Code Source really is because I like Firestorm & I liked that particular edition of the viewer, because it was practically totally stable. I'm not a malicious guy
  19. Furthermore, within the future, if I start a topic within the secondlife community forums, I want the right to block a person or number of people that want to reply, concisely.
  20. There were various problems with the 2 Firestorm releases since the release I want to parse out. I'm sort of finished babysitting my posted topic for the attention less the interest.
  21. I'm just considerably sure that each of you spent a total of less 5 minutes even considering what "High Fidelity" or the point of "Java" in the context of a new Viewer Development have to do with anything that you want to ramble on about, while I'm trying to attract people with serious interest in my posted topic (again).
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