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  1. Simple Bumpage. Still around for questions. either post here or message me on the forums or in SL.
  2. Hello Everyone! Just swinging by to share a awesome brand new Role-play sim that has opened up! I am one of the owners of it and im here to share it with those who love role-play. --- What it is: a ADULT role-play fantasy Role-play sim! What we use for combat: A Dice HUD! Its provided on SIM when you visit and join. Currently 250 sided dice. Max Level: 150 Races Allows: Almost everything, hyrbid races are allowed as long as they make logical sense. --- Quick Summary of Lore: For those who know what Hallow Earth is, we based our lore off that general conept. For those who dont know, ill give a quick rundown summary. There are 2 worlds, the surface world and the hallow world (inside the earth). In short, the human race inhabited the surface world and the magical (fantasy beings, ex. Elves, drow, orcs, dwarves, beastkin, everything else) lived in the hallow earth (inside). We shifted the concept around fully when it came to the story we play off of. The human race had advanced pretty far, war had faded, peace had settled. (they were on the brink of futurama status) they had extended life further, a human could live till 200 instead of roughly 70-80. But their glorious path of advancment in their lives was cut short due to a demonlord named Koth who invaded the surface world with his leigons. It lead to 100 years of genocide, cutting the human population down to roughly 1 million survivors before the other races intervenes to stop his invasion. It put them back to step 1 and having to start all over, and led to them only making it so far in technology with the help of the other races. The lore is explained in massive detail when you visit the sim and read the notecards and then the extended lore on the forums. --- Players now Role-play picking up coming from the hallows, or living on the surface either as a human or magical being (whatever race they decide) and making their path. We are a very strong lore based role-play sim. We love storytelling and providing a immersive experience. We want to tap into every area of storytelling from fighting to non-fighting, and enjoy providing a place where players actually get a chance to shift the storyline of the sim with their actions. We have lore played characters that our staff have decided to play, and all of our leads have immersed in the lore to provide the best storytelling experience in regards to staying relivant to the storyline and making the current and future state of sim in the players hand to blend well with the choices of what the old (past) lore has laid out for them. --- We offer many perks to those who role-play with us, and we have many events, ranging from storyline to fun events to just go take a break from the grind of making a name for yourself. We would love to see new faces come join us in our fun! If theres any questions, you can ask here i can answer them for you, or you can come to the Sim and contact myself or any of my staff and they can help you as well! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Soul/194/141/2002
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