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  1. I have been dabbling with making some mesh clothing. I am having problems getting spec maps to look 'right' on fabrics. I want some subtle specularity on a fabric like denim for example, it always looks ok after a while in one windlight but then then in another windlight it looks terrible. Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve subtle spec on non shiny fabrics... please!!
  2. Sassy Romano wrote: Red Godde wrote: There is the condescending tone I was referring too. As it happens, you do not have a better understanding of reality, your opinion is not reality, your opinion is not superior to anyone else's. Step of the podium you put yourself on. Red, I tend to disagree. Penny has made it quite clear that it's her belief that many creators are choosing "no modify" based on misunderstandings and I concur with that. In fact it prevails throughout SL. Examples:- "The scripts are no mod so the object has to be." The number of times i've had that conversation in the days when resizers in every prim were prevalant and couldn't be removed due to the no mod object. Discussing with the creator and explaining would often turn a light bulb on. "The sim is laggy so we put the shopping mall in the sky to reduce lag", a belief that proximity of scripts causes lag the nearer they were to the avatar. (As a test, put Excel in the top right corner of the screen and put a benchmarking piece of software in the lower left... see if the benchmarking software returns a different result if you put Excel nearer to it!) "The animations can't be changed inworld so there's no point setting them to modify". Well yes there is, some animation scripts can't handle long names, being able to change a name fixes that quickly and simply without compromising anything about the animation. Best one yet though, a full perm seller of mesh, including the .DAE believed that the format couldn't be edited externally in Blender but only uploaded into SL, believing this was protection. No, in that case, it was a buggy DAE export function in an earlier version of Blender that didn't include some of the data blocks in the DAE export. She really didn't want to listen and wouldn't export it in a later version of Blender so I just had to waste about 8 hours manually patching up the file to make it editable - as it should have been. Penny is just asking creators to use modify if it's not in conflict with their commercial reasons and not fuelled by misunderstanding. Since it was my reasoning that you picked out, as mentioned before, I understand and accept a creators commercial reason but lets not be dragged down silly diversions due to misunderstandings when there is no other objection. As a creator and customer, I prefer modify and as others have said, if there's a choice between equal products, the one that gives me the most flexibility will be my choice. It's up to each creator to choose their path, hopefully an educated one. I was responding to the comment posted by Gadget Portal, which I found to show the exact condescending tone I was referring to earlier. I understand some people are mistaken in their reasoning as to why they have items no-mod, if anyone in that category has learnt something from the original post that is great. However artistic integrity and the desire to protect a reputation have been scoffed at in this thread. I find those to be very valid reasons, if anyone doesn't agree that is fine, but don't tell me that makes the creator insecure or that they are overly 'precious'. Imagine you made a modifiable TShirt for example, and someone put a racist/homophobic/misogynistic symbol or slogan on it. When someone inspects that item the original creators name will be associated with that. I for one would not want to be associated with such content. If I am running an SL business that pays my RL bills etc, yes, I would be concerned with the damage that could be done to any reputation I have, and in turn my income.
  3. There is the condescending tone I was referring too. As it happens, you do not have a better understanding of reality, your opinion is not reality, your opinion is not superior to anyone else's. Step of the podium you put yourself on.
  4. I think people should be able to share ideas and opinions, however there seems to be a very condescending/patronising tone in any response that doesn't agree, or has a different take on mod perms. A very real reason for some items being sold no mod has already been mentioned - 'The one commercial reason that I can understand, is that a merchant can then offer the same item with a different texture. It's not a model which I support but that's about the only "reason" I can see that fits.' The amount of time I have seen friends put in to learn 3D modeling software, and to make different items, especially rigged mesh, and all the other things that go along with running a business in sl, is significant. They would not be able to do it if they did not earn a certain amount of money. For some it is their RL income, and they work their asses off, fair play to them. I don't believe that creators selling no mod items is 'severely restricting the creativity and freedom that used to be rampant in SL' no one is stopping any of you from making whatever you want, just go ahead and make it. Many people seem to feel very entitled to have whatever they want whenever they want it, and often have no idea about the work other put in, or care about the creators motivations or objectives. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything they don't want to. Instead of complaining here, go be creative if that is what you want.
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