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  1. Hi everyone! I've been trying to mesh now using blender for about two years and have never gotten anywhere with it, I would love if there is someone out there willing to help me learn the skill or even the software itself, and I can go from there! I'm looking to make clothes mainly .. but would love to branch out into hair at some point! I am also interested in making cute looking skins and eyebrows etc i'm overall just a very creative person and I would love to use Second Life as a platform for my ideas as there is no limit to what you can create! Thank you so much! Kez
  2. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a family "roleplay" in Second Life. I am certainly not all about the roleplaying aspect of things but would love to incorporate meal times and family vacations into my sl :) I am from the UK so my time is SLT +8, I am online a lot of the time but when I'm not I'm happy to give you my SL facebook, discord anything like that so we can still discuss things! You do not have to be a huge family, you can be a single parent and I'm also not picky with sexuality or anything of that nature I would appreciate if you could IM me inworld! keziarae I look forw
  3. oh what? no, so far i've only met friends in Second Life who are not serious about it, and so it takes away all the fun, people who put money into Second Life, i have never asked anyone for Lindens and I'm not going to start and someone i can go shopping with without having to pay for everything for them is something i enjoy, i've never asked anyone to be in the clan, i'm asking for friends, otherwise i would write a forum asking for that. thank you!
  4. Hi! I'm looking for a friend to hang out with in Second Life. I love to watch movies, go to clubs, decorate and shop! I love horror, documentaries and conspiracy theories. I am currently in a vampire clan in Second Life whom I'm looking into buying land for either this month or next. If you would also like to join I'm certain you'll be welcomed with open arms! How you look is quite important to me, I would prefer you to be mesh and be putting Lindens into Second Life, as many people who I have met expect me to do all of that for them! Oh! I'm also GMT+00 in Britain, SLT+8. I would love if you
  5. Hello! I've currently been trying to learn Blender by Youtube tutorial for about 3 months now, and I'm still not able to follow it properly as I can't ask the questions to problems when they arise and get an immediate response. I am looking for an experienced Blender user to teach me how to create in Blender and successfully texture the item. If you're interested in this, please send me an IM inworld, my username is KeziaRae. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
  6. Hi! Inworld, my username is KeziaRae, my avatar is a year and 2 months old in Second Life but I, myself, have been a resident for over 3 years now. I am currently looking for employment inworld and fully open to any kind of job you are offering except for a DJ role. I'm a fun, enthusiastic, drama free person who is approachable and will be able to communicate clearly. I'm able to follow rules and stick to them, I'm also very loyal to the job that I am doing and will strive to complete tasks to the highest standard possible. I'm ready to work at any time you'd like me to and we can discus
  7. I've been noticing some beautiful hair recently, and watched so many tutorials on how to create hair in Blender, but none of them are very helpful ... would anyone who does create hair in SL please give me some insight on what programme they use I've looked everywhere but can't find any other than Blender. Thank you sooo much! x
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