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  1. So basically a loop of IISetPos with multiple variables. Variable for the the new position, the current position, the old position, 2nd last position, the current speed, current upward acceleration, and current downward acceleration. Might get away with less but I'd probably find trouble with reading and rewriting a variable in the same logic argument. Its an annoying amount of code and will look choppy as a result while processing. But thanks for making me aware of the possibilities.
  2. I'm looking for a code segment or command that gradually adds then subtracts an amount in one cardinal direction. It would do this while attached to an Avatar without altering the position of the avatar in the process. In theory, object position would be a straight upwards path A to B at speed W relative to avatar origin x,y, z. I'm not familiar with how avatar position relates to avatar object position, so when I put my object on its just moving everything and that is unwanted. Does SL even recognize separate positional data for an object attached to a part of the body and where that object is oriented relative to that attachment point? I ask that because the code I have in it is changing the object's position data (gposition commands) and when attached to my avatar, causing it to float. Why is the object position altering the avatar position when attached to the avatar?
  3. No, you are right, there is no way to verify The only thing we have to go on is the absence of people in the sim and them all having the same names (see OP). This, to me, is evidence enough when going to sim after sim and seeing very few people in them. Something is disrupting the 2nd life search engine, because there 'are' people using public sims yet doesn't seem to find them. A red herring if you will, and I'm just interested in people's thoughts on the matter. It's annoying that there are no easy ways to find people in second life. In place of a hard method, there are a number of half measures one can take that have a very small percentage of sucess.
  4. Well, the fish was thiiiis big and I didn't count them. It still remains that there were allot of them As for events... my searches return things like: now hiring or L$50 skybox rentals... they aren't actually events but advertisements for something someone is selling
  5. 70,000 traffic score and all I found was 40 bots sitting in a corner at a hight of 3800 meters. They don't even all render for the photo... And how did I know they were all bots? They all had the same 4 names with different numbers at the end. So I'm finding it really hard to find active people in second life when search functions rely on traffic scores scewed by bots. Even most 'popular destinations' provided by Liden Labs usually has 0 people on them. Thoughts?
  6. I was wondering if someone could help me understand the security of Linden. But so as to be clear, I don't care if linden has the information. I care about those with mallicious intent that for trolling or profit, make use of the information in a detrimental way. I'm new and my issue is that when making payments to a Linden account it keeps a record of your personal information in the process. In the event that your account is hacked, perhaps by phishing, there would be a link between your personal life and second life. I would think it to be like opening up someone's skype or msn and seeing all their personal conversations. The potential money loss is second (there are contingencies in place to reclaim it) to the privicy breach that may occur. I've played Eve in the past which I think gave a good spectrum of examples of what can happen when personal information gets out into the wrong hands. What was one example... Sending private photos to someones work while making a huge number of prank pizza calls to the same place. This and I don't see how it would be different here. People don't change and there will always be someone that will try to do this. Now, would it be safer to make a dummy account and transfer linden from it to my main account? (with a different password)... Would you be able to buy a premium membership doing so? Accidentally hacking an account then being forced to hack a particular account would be excessively harder then just getting lucky. The low frequency of its use also reduces risk. I also understand Linden would react to scenarios like this but unfortunately I can only see them reacting after the fact. The IP check might stop it from a new log in location but I'm sure there are ways around that. Once someone discretely gets that information, its hard to defend because you don't know to change your passwords.
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