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  1. Apologies as I think there is a misconception here being that an avatar means something completely different on Second Life. I'm referring to the real life photo section you have on your profile, I've tried restricting it as much as I can yet people can still see my real life bio and picture displayed while I look at friends who have privatized theirs and it works as the information is not displayed unless if you've added them as a friend. I want that but the private options displayed below are not appearing to be working for my profile.
  2. Hey so basically, I've got a real life avatar of myself that I'd like to keep private for people who I've added as friends. I've already attempted to select the option on the privacy settings, but people who aren't my friends can still see it. I would very much like to know how to privatize it as it provokes people who I don't want to get involved with or have a conversation with, when originally the intention was for friends who I do trust and appreciate talking to.
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