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  1. ive got 7 stores open on the Mall Street in Skibereen sim, its got rp services, and theres a game area, concert area in the middle of the sim please im me in world to get more info. Can design and decorate to suit your needs within reason.
  2. Ive been looking for the last two items to complete my Skuffed Street gacha collection by action. i need number 3 and number 10 if anyone can point me to someone who might have these.
  3. Azrikam fugitive recovery and bail bonds will search sl to find your fugitives! contact azrikam resident in world to contract or join our bounty hunter team
  4. I have always struggled on sl keeping friends with my rl ptsd. I know were supposed to keep rl separate from sl, but I always try to hard and end up feeling outcast despite being the one trying to help? My rl ptsd has to do with a suicide attempt that failed And I guess im using sl too much as a coping tool because i can do things there i cant irl. just wondering if any others use sl to cope with ptsd?
  5. The City of Calo has moved and is changing how we operate. A huge partner to the historic Mall Street newcomer friendly shopping, we are now adding newcomer friendly rp! drive a taxi, learn to fight fires, learn basic police skills, and did we mention newcomer friendly lofts at newcomer friendly prices! plus bowling, theatre! Come visit! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skibbereen/196/195/22 and explore from here! Some buildings n vehicles still under construction.
  6. Looking for the new pd experience? Tired of police chases around the same boring roads? Twilight pd is hiring. With 1 week of cadet school you can begin your rise to power. Sure we are realistic, but how many cops can you fit in a donut drive through? Have you learned how to rescue civilians from rioters? (scratch that, gas em all) Make split second decision to disarm, arrest, or talk to your criminals. (he may get you a beer) we are required to state shooting first is not a option. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jade Island/193/163/89
  7. I have been helping behind the scenes build rp communities for years. be it simple cars, textures, trains, some of the best custom building or sim layouts, racetracks, housing communities, and so much more. My waiting list is finally short enough to begin advertising again. https://www.flickr.com/photos/rprides/ find me on flickr to find my work. theres virtually nothing impossible in sl. let me help make your dream a reality.
  8. THE PD OF THE FUTURE IS HERE! Sure we have the normal patrols n cadet training. But the difference stops there. Chief Azrikam has developed the best rp pd experience possible. with drone surveillance, vice, narcotics, (some super trooper syrup chugging might get thrown in) canine academies, explosive ordinance, tactical rescue teams, tactical trauma teams, helicopter training for both swat and surveillance. New pursuit intervention techinques, train and metro policing are just a few more of the amazing opportunities for rps you will never get on any other pd and so much more. visit our pd at Jade Island (163,171,89) and sign up to join the best cadet school in law enforcement. The twilight city police department. We dont fix stupid, but we can arrest it! turn in all applications to myself please
  9. The Royal Oaks Police Department exists to serve our community without putting ourselves first. Our slogan United with our Community is how we operate. For whatever rp the community members wish to have. Chief Stormin Rejan and Asst. Chief Chris Azrikam focus on training and helping the community discover new rps and new tools to rp with. Stop by the ROPD headquarters today http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mars/186/221/28
  10. Sky View County Fire Dept is growing and we need to find some k-9 avatars to assist with responding to mutual aid, and our own calls. Looking for dogs to serve as search and rescue which could include anything from finding missing kids, to finding a body. Looking for avatars who are not afraid of fire, must be realistic and able to respond to calls and training. Sky View County FD is a independent vol. fire dept that is changing the way fire departments rp on sl with new tactics, its not just fires! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sky View/28/220/22
  11. Greetings, are you looking for a simple fire department in a small Canadian mountain town that answers a wide variety of calls? Not your typical fire dept. We are 100% independent of any SL fire organization and as such our calls vary widely from pumping out flooded basements, to underwater extrication, to helicopter and boat operations. We seek independent volunteers to fill posts in our stations. We always try to have the latest apparatus, roleplay equipment, and we focus on helping our residents no matter what kind of call they come up with. WE DO NOT do high volume, major fires, or massive incidents without sim ownership approval. Please come by Sky View County (Alberta) today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sky View/20/205/22 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY
  12. Seeking a good K9 for our family. I am a single daddy with 7 kids n 4 grandkids. And I am also a fire chief and roleplayer. Looking for a dog to accompany and guard the family as well as be part of the FD. Must be comfortable with heights, sirens, helicopters, boats, planes, and small kids. Contact Azrikam Resident in world for more info. (pic is of some of my kids)
  13. Sky View County is a tiny town in Alberta Canada. We are a very small department seeking volunteers. Call volume is approx 1-2 calls a week. We provide the residents with all sorts of rp from fuel leaks to car wrecks and we exist ONLY to serve the needs of town residents. We are an independent fire department which means we are not affiliated with any sl fire fighting organizations including sliaff. We operate independent and purely for the fun of roleplaying to entertain our guests. If interested please feel free to leave an application at our hq. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sky View/25/221/22
  14. Calo Medical Center is fast becoming second lifes most realistic medical / mental health rp center. We provide free, donation based services to second life users. We recently expanded our building to include an operating room, divers recovery chamber, radiology, bloodwork lab, maternity center, mental health wing, outpatient exams, and inpatient hospital services. Now we are seeking realistic roleplayers preferably who have real life medical experience to work our center. CMC focuses on providing the best roleplay experience to suit our patients storylines and emoting and good skills with people are required. Please contact mysteria.callisto resident in world for employment interviews. City of Calo & CMC is not affiliated with any outside groups, organizations, or parties that control our sim. We are for roleplay purposes only and do not treat or provide services for real life medical or mental health conditions. Everything here is part of a digital experience and not for any real life treatment.
  15. City of Calo is opening up to public rp. We have all the basics but we are finally going to be accepting applications for police, fire, ems, courts, girl scout leaders, lawyers, judges, S&R, and more. We are a 1/4 sim right now on the mainland with 2 levels. We are using this 1/4 sim to train our staff before we move to a full sim. Our highlight of the sim is the Calo Medical Center that is rapidly becoming one of the most realistic health rp centers in second life. We allow kids to have their own rps including helping firefighters in the explorer program, a junior police department, and we let kids rp with all other facilities on our sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidesmore/145/39/25 Important note, we are NOT a part of any second life organizations or affiliations. Our sim has its own rules and style of play and is all avatar friendly as long as the avatar possesses human like attributes. . Our sim is self contained. We want this to be a realistic "human-ish" (any other avatars are allowed as long as they have a human form and attributes)
  16. I've recently learned skills to texture and create graphics and designs for rp sims. I am looking for advice and for ideas for getting the word out there as well as pricing tips. I was very fortunate to win the best chief car at the most recent vehicle car show but I want to branch out and advertise more. Below are some examples of work ive done and I would like to know where the best demand is or what people look for. Do you see more US vehicles than European vehicles? I want to do this cheapest for my customers but still be able to cover my expenses.
  17. The Mall St Stage in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skibbereen/179/71/22 is looking for dj's and hosts to help bring back the music events at this historic mall stage. Over The mall has been here since 2007.
  18. I am a professional sim builder for RP sims. I have thousands of top name brand items, vehicles, and rp systems. I own almost all prostreet cars, HD fire trucks. I have stations, rp systems the full nexus system including pagers, radios, burglary alarms, fire alarms, etc. The full F Guard system, and hundreds of other items to help build your rp sims. I use mesh roads and have road lighting including traffic lights and road signs.
  19. GET BEHIND THE WHEEL AND TRAVEL ALONG ROUTE 8 Busses are running from City of Calo an end to end trip along route 8. Stop at locations along the way, or go straight from Calo to the end of route 8. To assist with ease of travel our busses are equipped with flight mode to bypass tunnels and the bridge that is out. Busses are free to ride, free to drive, see the rezzer at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidesmore/194/65/23 If you need an route map or information on how to operate the vehicle then please contact Negative Nightmares at calo or leave a note in the pd mailbox.
  20. I already read that post, and I know for a fact negative reviews are hidden on some stores. Because ive seen it and tested it with a friend. You will never convince me otherwise.
  21. I dont understand this either. I have written negative posts or lower posts in hope of constructive criticism might finally be heard when the owner wont listen to you in game or be shared to warn other potential customers of an items defects and flaws. Many sellers with big names somehow hide negative reviews. I don't get how this is being done or why but some people are able to do this. I don't understand the big ego trip people have on sl that they only want to be right and I too have experienced unbearable harrassment by members of staff like pro-street staff just for being honest about a products faults and flaws and there is absolute truth that they are hiding negative comments and reviews. While reading this post it seems like ive stumbled onto someone whos had the same "holier than thou" seller attitude. I wish that people would lighten up and just not be so cutthroat about it because it is not worth the issues. Its very easy to say "don't like their product don't buy from them." well its not that easy to actually deal with. People should not be banned, blocked, or threatened for posting honest reviews. I do not want to get into the middle of any drama with anyone but honest reviews and merchants who show the honest reviews are merchants who genuinely care about their customers. Other merchants who have lots of money or big stores cant handle negative reviews? cmon you got enough customers, other products, take the information that customers are giving you. For me allot of hidden comments on a product is bad for business and makes me think worse of a seller than if they had shown the comments. "
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