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  1. Space themed sci-fi RP sim needs a skillful builder familiar with popular sci-fi franchises (especially Star Trek and Mass Effect) to build several buildings of a specific design. Please contact me here or in world.

  2. Same problem. After Firestorm crash (on stupid TP by stupid guardian orb to my home region which was on restart at the moment, if that matters), all HUDs and scripted items I weared are dead. Moreover, same HUDs and items from rezzers didn't work! For instance, NEW Maitreya HUD didn't manage NEW body at all, it was like I clicked through it. After some manipulations like multiple restarts, cashe cleaning, refreshing and clicking everything in both Firestorm and default viewer, something changed, and newly rezzed items and HUDs started work. It was like... they were banned in some way. You know, if you click on HUD or item with broken or deleted scripts, you still click on it, even if nothing happens, your mouse cursor still changes to a 'hand with finger', and you don't click through (and move there beyond the HUD). It was a very strange thing, and double strange was issue with rezzed replacements, which eventually solved, yet I don't know how. 

  3. Клуб "Апельсин" - вроде бы живое место.

    А в Никсе англоязычная публика встретила меня странными вопросами в духе "чего надо?" и "откуда узнала про этот сим?". Видимо, у них там какая -то своя тусовочка, где посторонних не надо. 

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