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  1. My story was a bit dumb to be honest but I’m just gonna share it anyways cause it’s an unforgettable personal experience that I had. I met this girl from another virtual world and has been friends for almost 2 years with her. She made me discover about Second Life (I joined in around 2014 but only been active around 2016 with better computer specs) and I cared for her dearly. There were times I asked myself if I had even fallen for her and I realized I did. I even made myself a male avatar just for her and to be with her in order for her not to be caught as third wheels and asked her to be my
  2. I'm just having a little fun besides editing photos I thought I'd join in the #DecadeChallenge. It may not has been a decade since I've joined in yet I do think half a decade still counts seeing huge changes that I've gone through lol Here comes my #SecondLifeChallenge ! Hope everyone's having a wonderful day! XD Flickr Link | Facebook Post Link
  3. This is such an interesting challenge that I can't miss! Here is my picture for the hype! 🤩😍 Realized some editing style changed along the way on this challenge XD Flickr Link | Facebook Post Link
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