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  1. My story was a bit dumb to be honest but I’m just gonna share it anyways cause it’s an unforgettable personal experience that I had. I met this girl from another virtual world and has been friends for almost 2 years with her. She made me discover about Second Life (I joined in around 2014 but only been active around 2016 with better computer specs) and I cared for her dearly. There were times I asked myself if I had even fallen for her and I realized I did. I even made myself a male avatar just for her and to be with her in order for her not to be caught as third wheels and asked her to be my partner. But yet, all of the efforts I’ve made was gone wasted as she never realized the feelings that I had for her and the care that I had was real. She never appreciated it. She always thinks everyone’s being “friendly” towards her while the fact is some people would want to snatch her and make her their side chick. Never in my whole life I’ve been with someone that lonely and desperate for love and as broken as she is. I thought I’ve given my all, yet it isn’t enough cause I’m not the person she’s looking for that could fulfil all her “love” needs. I was disappointed and there’s nothing more that I could do but to just leave her cause if I don’t. I’m just going to be stuck here being by her side comforting her over some things that’s repeating in cycles. Which is a waste of time while I could do so much more in Second Life. On 2019, I moved on and erase her from my life in early 2020. I couldn’t be more happier because throughout 2019, I started to pursue myself as Blogger in Second Life. Earlier in this career path that I took for almost a year bloomed as I did not expect myself to be busy doing the things I love which is photography and fashion blogging throughout 2019. It brings result that I never expect I would gone this far in becoming someone I always wanted to be. Seeing many people appreciates art on Second Life makes my heart filled with joy. It’s just amazing to see that throughout the process if I hadn’t had the experience and leave the person whom has been holding me from doing something more. I wouldn’t be who I am now on Second Life and wouldn’t have gotten myself some temporary achievements that would do me proud. Being in Second Life made me learned many things like enjoy what I like to do best and focus on it. I couldn’t be happier now also cause of the supports I got from people close to me that’s constantly reminding me that I am good enough and talented in a way. It’s just amazing.
  2. I'm just having a little fun besides editing photos I thought I'd join in the #DecadeChallenge. It may not has been a decade since I've joined in yet I do think half a decade still counts seeing huge changes that I've gone through lol Here comes my #SecondLifeChallenge ! Hope everyone's having a wonderful day! XD Flickr Link | Facebook Post Link
  3. This is such an interesting challenge that I can't miss! Here is my picture for the hype! 🤩😍 Realized some editing style changed along the way on this challenge XD Flickr Link | Facebook Post Link
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