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  1. Well... I think LL had absolutely no right to do this! My 8 Year old account with a lot of dollars on it is lost now just because LL did this silly password and email reset. Yes the email is set to the last known email nefore XtremRLV but I tried the 1 day demo first so I have no clue what this last email was. I have no password, I have no email and because I started this accound 8 Years ago I have no idea what question / answer I have choosen back then. Well done LL! No one of the XtremRLV users broke any rule but they get all punished. Sure, some of you will say "Nobody asked them to use it - It's their own fault" but only silly people could think so. There are many different people... some like mushrooms, some like shrimp and some dont like both maybe. As long as this people respect the rules there is no reason to pick on them in a tolerant world. I thought SL is a tolerant world but this case proved me wrong. Now I'm really afraid what SL2 will bring... I already heard they didnt accept extremely talented content builders only because they built a sex bed some Years ago and now this... They totally destroy the feeling of a 2th life where I can do whatever I want as long as Im respectful to others... They get thausands of dollars also from the huge kinky community but they seem to try to get rid of us actually.... so sad! :matte-motes-crying:
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