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  1. I finally found out what was the origine of this trouble. Actually I used a wrong file format for skin. Both AK deluxe and new gen heads need the TGA 24 bits whitout alpha format for skin. If you use the format png you meet this kind of trouble. That can be usfull to know this for skin creators. My apology to not fully read the Config Dev Kit that say : // SKIN (TGA 24bit NO ALPHA!) and png for others layers. Now I'm beautifull anywhere. :))
  2. Thanks for answer Ariel, you're right so I did it and solved the trouble by setting windlights in Quick Preference; WL Sky to: CalWL. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi, I meet a strange phenomena that change my head lighting as on the attached view. My graphics setting is beetwen High and Ultra and this trouble happen when "Advances Lighting Model" option is checked. I'm using a face light but it's same when I take it off. It's happen only in some area but often on dance floors maybe because lights is different. I tryed with 5 other head demos (Catwa, Lelutka, Slink, Genesis, Starlust) and didn't get any trouble with. Skin shinniness setting is off. Is someone encountered the same issue?
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