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  1. 45 minutes ago, Ethan Paslong said:

    move your life, if you can't be on sl without avoiding him there's some steps possible to do,

    ... don't go to the places he knows you go, clear possible picks from favorite locations, hide certain groups.

    And more difficult... monitor the ones on your friendslist... previous mutual friends might have less good intentions for you than you expect.

    Don't let such thing touch your wallet, unless you really want a new start.. but you can also make new starts with your current account, but you have to be very strict for yourself to keep away from your regular places.

    its hard when its the places people you know go, and it feels like starting all over again might be my only option unfortunately untill he gets bored.


  2. i have reported, ignored, blocked you name it ive done it, im hoping he will get bored in time.  but in the meantime i cant play sl without this drama, when i just want to enjoy myself. Hence getting an alt up to date as cheaply as possible.

  3. HI all.

    I'm getting stalked all over sl by an ex, making new people using alts etc being abusive so i want to use an alt i created about 4 yrs ago.

    However i'm on  budget and this alt isnt up to date, on my main avi i have a  basic catwa head and slink body and found them both easy to use, however those two plus a decent skin comes to 3k more or less.  I'd like to get  a mesh head and body so i can use my alt, ive seen one place offering an avi with a mesh head for 99l. (link) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Liliana-Complet-Avatar-Mesh-Head/10718547  and the ocacin mesh body for 250.  my question is this has anyone used that body and will it fit clothes for slink/matr/etc all the usual ones? or will i be stuck with only a handful of clothes it will fit.  REALLY want to update and use this alt but as cheaply as possible.  thanks for reading and any help, maybe someone knows of  a better cheap mesh body etc.

  4. I've been using laptops for ever for sl, slow and buggy and would crash at busy places, turns out i just needed more ram.  I replaced it last year with this and it runs really fast no more crashing or graphics issues, apparently i just needed more ram as my ram was running at 90%/100% every time i launched sl on my old laptop which only had 4gb of memory, now it doesnt go above 33% ps; only cost me £399.

    Medion Akoya 15.6 Inch Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB Laptop

    full spec and theyre available on ebay.

    • owerful intel core i5-6200u.
    • Nvidia geforce 940mx graphics.

    CPU, Memory and Operating System:

    • Intel Core i5 core i5-6200u dual core processor.
    • 2.3GHz processor speed.
    • 8GB RAM.
    • 1TB SATA hard drive.
    • Microsoft Windows 10.
  5. Hiya i finally resolved it by doing a clean install (about 4 bloomin times) but it kept happening so i cleared my recyle bin, did it again as a clean install deleted everything then nstalled the new firestorm phoneix and finally success... none of the debug CONTACTS etc advice they give you worked. The only thing that did was doing a clean uninstall, mptying my recyle bin, restarting the laptop.  downloading the latest version, restarting again nothing... turns out i had to delete my alt as well (which i've not used in like 3 yrs and couldnt remember the password for) got there eventually though, so if anyone else is having this issue and you have an alt that can be the hold up, delete everything in the firestorm folder not just your avi, empty the recyle bin, restart, reinstall, restart and bingo PHEW! X

  6. Simple answer is right click on your avi... youll get edit outfit edit shape and HOOVER HEIGHT click hoover hight.. a bar cmomes up just raise the slider up or down to make you avi go higher or lower. That way you lower till your shoes fit right on thee floor.

  7. This is driving me nuts... ive brought two more skins with slink body appliers and the skin for my sl head so a skin and slink physique appliers and still even using a neck blender and with the same skin on head and body using the applier my neckis still a different colour.

    I brought the slink applierhud from mrktplace but theres no instructions.. ive a tattoo i love that has omega suppliers but ive no idea how to  get my tattoo to show up on my mesh body even wth the slink appler, the omega applier and the hud for the slink body..trying with and witiut TATTOO highlighted.


    Ive been on sl 6yrs on and off... id spend a fortune getting my avi right... and embraced mesh clothing.. and slink feet.. and now ive spent another 10k on nothing that works.  Thinking of just giving up on sl now had enough :(

  8. Thanks so much everyone.  


    I got the demo for slink physique and some catwa heads.. the heads seemed way to big.

    I got the free Emesh body, but unlike slink it wouldnt let me keep my avi head.

    Slink let me keep my avi head, but stole my hands.. no option for using just the body i have the slink feet but would HAVE to buy the slink hands as well.

    I downloaded from group gift skins that someone said work on the mesh body and your original head... but they didnt.

    ITS BLOOMIN CONFUSING!! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol 


    Basically if i can figure out how to match a skin for my head and body, keeping my avi head till the Bento ones come out and buy the physique slink an the hands.. can i adjust the height of the slink body? i dont want to be super tall.

     ps: if anyone is willing to talk me through it on voice when im inworld that would be really helpful as ima crap typer :) ty again.

  9. Hi

    Im looking to buy my first mesh body and head.  I though the slink physique and a catwa head but i dont know anything abhout them or appliers or what to do, went few a few youtube tutorials from sl members but they go on about the make up and stuff i need the basic advice.  How to get a skin that goes on the head and body the same.  Do i need a applier if i buy a skin i lke does it need to have a catwa applier so that my head matches my body?? ty for reading and sorry for being a bit thick.  Any help appreciated.


    Thanks :)

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