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  1. It doesnt though.  Before i baked the mesh on, the alphas and everything worked fine. the clothes looked great. Now every article of clothing leaks skin through. sometimes it shows skin even if the alpha is on. like for instance, the crotch area. Ill hide the privates and what have ya and it will still show skin there. i dont get it. 

  2. Hey there!  I am newish to SL, and am looking for work.  The only experience i have is a little bit of dancing, however i am looking for a little more modest job. I need something that offers flexible hours, as my RL schedule changes weekly and i am not able to commit to time slots.  This is my only dilema. I am willing to learn anything! I am also friendly and love making new friends.  So please, consider me if you have an opening and can offer flexible hours!


    If you wish to contact me about an offer, please do so inworld with a notecard. Thanks!


    Thanks so much!




    p.s. here is a link to my flickr account.





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