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  1. Thank you all for the replies! I know I posted this a year ago but I didn't realize this thread got so many responses, I read the first few a while back so it's helped me out for ages ^^
  2. I know this was a very old comment, but there are tonnes of rings/nails available now Also i'd like to add my personal experience with the body. Honestly it's my favourite body, as its new it has a lot of flaws, including the scripts, lack of support and no omega, though those factors don't exactly affect me so honestly everything else is brilliant to me. The body itself is gorgeous, I love the detail on the default skins and the shape of the stomach and breasts are the most realistic ones i've seen on SL, its fantastic to have a body which can hold smaller breasts but a bigger bum unlike other bodies that are either too petite or too curvy. Plus the HUD works fine for me? The alpha has no insta fill for all the parts which kinda annoys me but its not that major of an issue, the HUD is smooth on my end.
  3. I want to orginize my outfits since I have way too many, but when I delete an outfit it also seems to delete the clothing within the outfit. Does anyone know a way to remove an outfit and not the items?
  4. Hiya, i'm looking for someone to create a custom mod for me. I'd like the mod to use the Raawr bento husky head, Chimera notched ears and the LL skin template/omega template (would be perfect if u could fit it onto the slink hourglass) Just Im me if you're able to make one, and just send me some example pics and your prices. My character ref is below http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27983875/
  5. I recently got blender is decided to make a mesh. This is the first mesh i've ever created (Its just a simple dog ear) and I attempted to upload it, but it came up all blocky. I found out that when I edit the model using tab in Blender, it looks exactly like the model in SL. How do I fix this?
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