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  1. Feeling Cheated is normal, being cheated by a retailer is NOT. UNDERSTANDING TWTW (Understanding The Way Things Work) may help Retail boxes are merely containers for the content nested inside of them. Retailers often set the box (container) permissions to something other than the contents. Should the prospective buyer look inside the container (before purchase or before copying to inventory) he/she will often see the content with the same "container" permissions. People who sell items in SL rarely (if ever) try to cheat the customer. It is just a bad business model that always ends in disaster. You need to remember that while packaging items for retail may not always be easy to include "everything" that is promised because sometimes the person packaging the item makes an innocent mistake. (Not very often as most retailers check before setting items for sale.) But mistakes do happen and most retailers will make it right. Complex Mesh and or Prim object link sets may require buyer INSTRUCTIONS for proper setup. PLEASE READ THEM. In most cases, a "guitar" as your example may have scripts included for animations and sounds. Those scripts, sounds, and or animations often are NOT mod copy or transfer. Never expect them to be free even if the scripts, animations, or sounds were obtained from a free LSL library. Why? Because the retailer failed to reset the permissions and is NOT required to do so. Why? Because they are not being sold, the guitar is the object for sale. What it will do out of the box is not for sale individually. Yeah, but the scripts are free open source as well as the animations right? Yes, right you are, and you can obtain your free copy from the same source. If you purchase a pair of curtains that have texture options, open and close and are resizeable, none of those features are "expected" to be full permission EVEN when all of those options are freely available. You merely purchased a set of curtains that have options. The curtains alone may or may not have permissions attached to them. Buyer Beware! BEFORE you purchase an item in Market Place or inworld, be sure you can contact the creator. If the creator has blocked IM, Notecards, or other means of communication, you may wish to look elsewhere as you are almost guaranteed no help other than included instructions if any. Again, most retail sellers (99.9%) are NOT in the market to cheat you, that word gets around fast and will destroy them. High Ticket Items (expensive) Creators should have excellent communication with their clients in some form. If you feel cheated, shorted, or lied to, be sure you have all the evidence you need to confirm your suspicion before you contact the creator. Creators are normally busy creating new things and or learning new techniques, so please be mindful of their time as well. Not knowing how to open a retail box, or failing to find the contents once inside your inventory is NOT the creator responsibility to resolve.
  2. SHEDDING SOME LIGHT for Hokizibin I can fully understand and empathise your feelings however uninformed they may be. UNDERSTANDING TWTW (understanding The Way Things Work) will help a great deal. 1. Secondlife has always been an "enterprise" owned by Linden Labs, has been always will be. 2. All private regions are RENTED, not owned by the respective clients whose name appears under the "About Land" tab. 3. An individual or group is paying a monthly rental fee (Tier) to the "enterprise" for this exclusive region management. 4. Exclusive use provides management opportunities for the named renter, that the casual user (you) does not have. 5. All regions belong to an estate no matter how few (one) or how many (25+) the renter has obligated himself/herself. Exclusion from a region or estate: Some renters choose not to allow avatar with no previous payment history into their retail environment. Some renters choose not to allow avatar into a region or select areas of a region without group membership. Some renters choose to eject avatar from a region for any reason or no reason. Some renters allow group members to install security orbs on a parcel of land that will eject those not on a list. Some renters choose to BAN individual avatar from their property which is their option requiring no element of reason. Ejecting avatar from a region has limited rewards to the land manager for whatever choice or lack of reason Rude, Spiteful, Inconsiderate resident avatar: When we agree to create an account with Linden Labs Second Life we all agree to the terms of service TOS. For the new resident, the TOS is just a bunch of legal looking mumbo-jumbo that makes no sense at all for the most part. All "members" those who have an avatar account, become citizens of the Second Life Community of residents. Like any municipality anywhere in the world, all citizens speak different languages, aspire to different goals. Builds out of Scale and or not professional: Due to the simple nature of the avatar and camera most structures, bridges, sidewalks, and landscape are larger in scale to the avatar size (which in and by itself is often grossly exaggerated.) Upon entering a structure, the room sizes are often excessively large in comparison to the avatar because the camera must pan around the area without obstruction otherwise, all buildings would appear claustrophobic in size related to avatar size. Thusly windows, doors, and accessories are often oversized as well. Since the structures are oversized to accommodate more than one avatar camera panning in a room, the landscape, furnishings and all other items are sized to the same relative perspective. Good quality is in the eyes of the beholder. Not all avatar are expert creators nor are they required to be. Everyone has some level of experience from zero to expert. Second LIfe is a learning experience in several facets of the community, so there are many outlets for the new avatar to approach. When you see an exquisite object of creation, you will be looking at many hours of frustrating mind numbing failures that preceded it. The only way to become proficient at any one or several is to try. If they can do it, so can you.
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