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  1. That is the problem with most in SL, they just want to wank off, then go climb into bed next to their wife as if nothing happened. Those are wham bam guys. Gentlemen that know how to control their libido rarely exist in SL anymore, the ones that enjoyed taking the time to know you, woo you & then you end up with them for a few years at least...they are dinosaurs and already taken by women smart enough to know to keep them.
  2. This is the type of advice that causes the said drama you are supposedly trying to avoid. Just saying.
  3. Then you need to just be honest and tell your friend they aren't really your friend because all you are interested in is having fun and you obviously don't care about their feelings or the time they have invested in you. You are coming off as if everything is all about you and if that is how you want it you need to be upfront about it. Drama is a part of everything, RL or SL, there is no escaping it unless you want to be a hermit living on your build pad with no friends crying because you're lonely, even though you caused it. So, what do you want an actual friend or just to f*ck around and
  4. Wow, I wouldn't take advice from someone that sounds like she has people pissing in her cheerios all day if I were you, Joe. Someone has obviously *****ed her up a lot in SL or even RL maybe as well. The best advice is to just do you. Write what you feel & take your time when getting to know someone, the majority of women actually prefer honesty over pretending you feel or don't feel this or that. Simple as that. If you take the jaded know it all's advice you will be very unhappy, you know, just like she sounds.
  5. LL constantly blames creators not knowing how to make mesh properly as one of the reasons for lag, etc & here they are giving us mesh from them that is badly made. I mean, come on.
  6. Their sim, their rules, stupid or not. SL is about living it the way you want & that is how they want it, it's pretty simple. It's all fake anyway. Most of those women jump from alt to alt going from Dominant to submissive, male to female, sadist to daddy, etc. It is so rare to find anyone being their true selves in SL that honestly even using the word "friend" to describe someone you know in SL is really pushing it in my opinion.
  7. I see yours just fine as well. But, I have a friend that can see mine from one of his accounts but his alt can't see it. LoL No idea why it happens.
  8. Running a store takes a lot of time and dedication so I run mine on my main avatar. Hailee here is for when I want to sit down & discuss things with other adults without having to worry about childish person attacking my store (has happened) because my views don't match theirs, etc..
  9. Good point, that is true. I think my brain went along a crazy wavy trail of they just got tired of running it. lol
  10. *Since by the time I made it through the thread it had turned into a commission fee argument, I will add my thought on that first & then everything else under that. *In regards to the coming marketplace commission fees. I think it should be based on each individuals sales. Some merchants make thousands of US dollars a month & others may only make a few dollars. It's hardly fair for it to be the same flat fee for everyone just my opinion. As to possible changes, I went through & used all the ones I agree with in order of importance to my own experience: 1. The abi
  11. In the old days there was a drop-down menu with a lot of last names to pick from (you choose your own first name). If I couldn't find a last name I liked to go with the first name I wanted I would just sit & hit refresh ever so often to get a new set of last names to choose from, could do that a few times before it went right back to the original list they had shown me. The best part of last names coming back for me is the fun of coming up with a first name no one in SL has ever had & then finding the coolest last name possible. Sometimes waiting & trying a few days in a row to
  12. Hi all, since the introduction of Bento on the grid I have been having an issue that I can't quite figure out. When I am animating a piece of furniture (I use Avsitter & have for years) I can set the male & female animation in a couples pose & it looks fine. I dump the info, add it to the AVpos note card & retest & my avatars body breaks. It contorts into a weird back broken stance & won't change until I hit un-deform avatar. That fixes me until I run through the animations again & it breaks again. It's not always the same animation causing it either. It's wei
  13. http://uproxx.com/webculture/50-absurd-rape-lyrics/
  14. You can choose which users can purchase from your marketplace store. Example: If you have had to ban someone inworld for whatever reason you can then also take away their right to purchase items from you on the marketplace. It would help keep people from attacking a merchants livelihood over personal issues, like an ex or troll, etc. Also the choice to have your items rated or not would be a nice addition.
  15. I think a creator should be able to choose to allow reviews of their item or allow no reviews for their items. It doesn't matter how well you word your description or how many times you tell someone to please try a demo first 98% of the customers are just to lazy to read or follow directions. If they did read and follow directions then almost all of the problems they end up complaining about wouldn't be a problem because they would have known before they bought the item that they didn't like it. But, you can bet your sweet bum they won't blame themselves for their own laziness, but they wil
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