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  1. Hi! My name is Bay, I'm from Canada and I'm looking for a job, preferably in Real Estate but I'm open to other jobs such as: Personal Assistant/Receptionist Retail I'm organized, professional, responsible, friendly, driven to do well, quick learner, and I'm fluent in English. I'm able to be on all day or as needed as I work from home IRL. If you have a position open that you think would be a good fit for me, feel free to reply below or contact me in world! Thanks for your consideration!
  2. Hey! I'm not new to sl or anything but a lot of my friends either work a lot, have a family irl, or they have their own little trolling cliques on sl so a lot of them aren't online a whole lot, and I really just don't feel like hanging out with a bunch of trolls that just make jokes at other peoples expense all the time. I'm looking for people that are closer to my age (I'm going to be 24 in October), by closer I mean maybe not over 40. Just because I feel like I might have more to talk about with people around my age and I've had some.. interesting experiences with some of the older people on here (feel free to prove me wrong!). I enjoy shopping, going to events just to window shop sometimes, playing games, or just chilling somewhere and chatting! I do voice chat, I actually prefer to voice chat but I know some people aren't comfortable with it so it's not a deal breaker. My avatar is more on the alternative goth e-girl side if that matters at all. Feel free to contact/add me! My username is Baelyy I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you!
  3. Hey! Me and my friend Xeana are looking for a sugar daddy. We're both 22 years old from Canada. We are both subs and are looking to be loyal companions to whoever needs us. If interested, message me
  4. I need friends as well. Add me if you like
  5. I'm looking for a job preferably as a host in a fun environment. Nothing where I'd have to roleplay. Unfortunately I just actually started playing SL again after being away for 3 years and I didn't really play all that much when I made my account so I don't have any good clothing. The 1 outfit I have is quite revealing so hopefully that won't be a problem.
  6. No I didn't try it yet. I have no lindens but when I can get some I'll try it! Hopefully it'll work
  7. So if I don't need the omega system then what do I need? How can I make it show up?
  8. I have a Belleza mesh body and my tattoos don't show up. I've turned the tattoo layer on on the Belleza HUD and I still can't see my tattoos. Any ideas? If it helps at all the tattoos I have are by DAPPA
  9. So I made a whole new look a few hours ago, I haven't logged out or anything was just playing then I teleported somewhere and my legs disappeared. I do have alphas on but i had them on earlier too and I had no problems. My legs show up when I take the alphas off obviously, but I need the alphas or I get broomstick legs.. Any idea why they disappeared all of a sudden? And how can I fix it without taking the alphas off?
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