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  1. Hey! Me and my friend Xeana are looking for a sugar daddy. We're both 22 years old from Canada. We are both subs and are looking to be loyal companions to whoever needs us. If interested, message me
  2. I need friends as well. Add me if you like
  3. I'm looking for a job preferably as a host in a fun environment. Nothing where I'd have to roleplay. Unfortunately I just actually started playing SL again after being away for 3 years and I didn't really play all that much when I made my account so I don't have any good clothing. The 1 outfit I have is quite revealing so hopefully that won't be a problem.
  4. Baelyy

    Can't wear tattoos?

    No I didn't try it yet. I have no lindens but when I can get some I'll try it! Hopefully it'll work
  5. Baelyy

    Can't wear tattoos?

    So if I don't need the omega system then what do I need? How can I make it show up?
  6. Baelyy

    Can't wear tattoos?

    I have a Belleza mesh body and my tattoos don't show up. I've turned the tattoo layer on on the Belleza HUD and I still can't see my tattoos. Any ideas? If it helps at all the tattoos I have are by DAPPA
  7. So I made a whole new look a few hours ago, I haven't logged out or anything was just playing then I teleported somewhere and my legs disappeared. I do have alphas on but i had them on earlier too and I had no problems. My legs show up when I take the alphas off obviously, but I need the alphas or I get broomstick legs.. Any idea why they disappeared all of a sudden? And how can I fix it without taking the alphas off?
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