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  1. Cindys Leissa


    The problem is solved!
  2. Cindys Leissa


    Why I can't delete pics on my feed?
  3. The next time I want to comment on a technical problem, I will ask for your authorization, so you can tell me if my comment is necessary or useful.
  4. Same problem Loading error! Message: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Code: -101
  5. I'm the group's owner, but I can't delete the name.
  6. Thank you Rolig, how do I remmove her name from the lis? When I click right on the name, I don't see any option
  7. Hello, I have a group, without land, and banned a member by mistake. How do I remove this member from the list of banned people?
  8. Hello Cindys Leissa, Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. Regarding having a payment method to sell L$, that's in case if use want to use the funds from the sale, and if you run out of funds (L$) there's a back up. If you were planning on doing a process credit, keep in mind you will need a PayPal account on file to do so. If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please let us know! With kind regards, Jet Linden Second Life Support Linden Lab ???
  9. Thank you Syn, I did that, I will write here what they answer me.
  10. I know it, that's not a problem for me. I was talking about selling lindens, not a process credit.
  11. That's not possible, process-credit requests must be sent to a PayPal or Skrill account that you control.
  12. For me it is absurd, it can be a long time since I sell my lindens until I collect the dollars from the sale of the lindens. At the time of selling lindens we needn't have payment info on file.
  13. It's a sale of lindens, not a process credit. I have sold lindens many times and didn't have a payment info on file.
  14. Hello, First time I see this message if I want to sell lindens, Is it a new requirement?
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