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  1. Looking for a Manager for an SL hangout location. Wanting someone with experience in managing a location and organizing creative events such as game nights, parties, discussions etc. Wanting to hold events bi-weekly (at least) and possibly coincide with some vlogger events. Wanting a person to increase traffic at the hangout and create a lively atmosphere. If interested or have any questions, please send NC to Rhia Janick . To apply, send a NC with a short summary about your background experience and available times in SLT.
  2. Hey all, I know Lumiya is no longer on the 3rd party list and has been taken off of playstore. I had already paid for it previously, but had to delete it while I had issues from my phone. I figured I could redownload it, but then realized after it had been taken off from playstore. Does anyone know if version 3.4.2 is available for download anywhere else?
  3. MadPea Productions is looking for experienced animators to join the team! MadPea is a company most known for our interactive story-telling and mystery games. We currently have a community of 16K fans who participate in our games and events throughout the year. Other than games, we also hold a few scavenger hunts and release a variety of other items through events and special releases. We're looking for animators who are looking to join a fun, fast-paced and hard-working team of artists from around the globe to bring more exciting adventures to SL reality! Interested? Follow the link to learn more and apply! APPLY HERE
  4. That one only goes to 15, but the MaxFPS setting in debug settings is the one I was talking about since that seemed to go lower than 15.
  5. Hi all, I recently had a firestorm issue and decided to change reset my settings. I would usually always limit my MaxFPS because I felt it worked a little better on my laptop. However, when I went to go reset it its no longer found as a setting to change under debug settings. Is there anything else I can do to either limit the framerate lower than 15 or just have it run a little lighter on my MAC laptop? It took me a really long time to figure out settings that worked so I'm saddened things are no longer set like they used to. Thanks Rhia
  6. Hey all, just wondered are there any new text clients available on Mac? I used to use SLiteChat, but that seems to be down now so wondered if there was anything current that would be similar. I really don't care for extra features, just looking for a way to still chat in-world without having to use a standard viewer that overheats my computer. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi there, I've looked through multiple threads and tried a few things, but am unable to figure out a solution. I've read that it's possible to purchase L with your paypal wallet money as long as there is another card attached to your account to get money. I have a credit card attached to my Paypal and as far as I can tell am verified with a basic account and have it as my preferred method. Whenever I try to attach my paypal to SL it says I must have a bank account attached. Did something change? Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Thanks for any help!
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