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  1. Stability , totality up to you but you have to do the fine work. Fine sugar also has to be done with work just as life comes with work and time with balance. Gentlemen are fond of ladies that have done the work. It's rare here. But I hope your alright hope the best for you maybe see a counselor or look into taking a class , or training that help why the things pass on keep things off your mind.
  2. Honey you deserve whatever you desire.but people being rude what happen to manner's and respect of others treat yourself good so you can treat others even better. Someone takes you for who you are not your writing its the soul and the personality the writing can be worked on later with guidance and embracing. We all started some where have a journey to grow and better are self's. Have to let go of fear value yourself and others keep the positive in negative out.
  3. Good luck in your search she is just looking for someone leave that way her freewill.
  4. If you are looking for a Companionship There are Classy Adult places or Romantic. Looking for a Refined Classy lady Educated and mature dresses to the nines and only be by your arm by the mean time. It may work for a single girl that has not found anyone but only keep the way your looking. But in a classy dating scene. Classy Romantic or Adult classy places. Good conversation and good spark and romance with a lady by day vixen by night.
  5. Finding love Going to Romantic places , Sometimes Classy Adult places you or Dating place. But its not how you look its how you carry yourself. But Having a detailed profile few classy smile pictures. You wants needs and desires what you looking. Few places in your picks you like to go or other pictures of yourself. Good luck in your search. Classy Date look. Example. Stealthic - Erratic (Hair) Blondes https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stealthic-Erratic-Hair-Blondes/10687979 [LF] Temptation Lipsticks https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LF-Temptation-Lipsticks/
  6. i know hormones Can get you over the edge but. But there are Domme places and D/s places for these king of things. It may be one your kinks or Pleasures. You might have to explore until you find the right place. Good luck in your search.
  7. You Would ether have to you change your job title to Find a Sugar Daddy or change your habits. You would ether have to say go go Dancer or a Model for Companionship in exchange to be cherished.
  8. Go to Avatar on the top of the Screen go to Avatar health and then sop avatar animation.
  9. Some people have done it. I done with my ex was with 2 years traveling back and forth but we talked on voice and gated 3 months before ever meeting. But we also showed on facebook we meet with real photos of ud meeting and a photo on second lifel. We did get married on the game but it only lasted two years. You have to be willing and truthful People that do want real want single not someone that hides and makes up stuff. if the person can't talk on voice or hides or allways has exuses there marired in real. I know every one has there came eat it two but people need to be truthful or just keep
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