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  1. Someone asked for the best magic huds. So I answered the question. This can go on all night but I don't know you, you don't know me so that's that. If you want to nitpick buy a pet Monkey. This threads about new players wanting info on magic related sources not an IQ battle. It also contradicts the point of making a point when you reply to another's reply with assumptions and a smart act. I was being nice and that's it. If this thread is dead then close the damn thing and problem solved but do not take a smart one at me for literally no reason or i'll have this thread closed myself. I'm
  2. My personal favourite when I do go to the beaches here is KONA beach with surfing. Quiet, huge waves, beautiful poolside, lovely islands with ocean and volcano views. Kayaking, Surfing, Drinks, Couples and singles spots and no LAG ;-) No lag anywhere's always a big hit for people wanting a smooth day/night out. Also the people there are nice. Well in the years on and off I have visited I have never had any problems whatsoever personally so PS- Sorry I do not currently have an image of me there on my new PC I also would say sometimes some of the best beaches are the ones on actual contine
  3. From being the owner of many magic/spell huds seeing as I am an Emperor and an Elemental, Necromancer and Vampire Mage. I would have to say over all Magic Emerald and Wishmaster 2 huds are good ones and easy to use. Bit of a price tag but still great effects and add on features. Especially with the likes of Ultima Hud. Empower V5 also an exceptional hud if you get the full package which again has a price tag but the endless list of spells, options and tweaking that can be done is insane. Soleriums Elemental Huds quite decent so too is some of the Magic of Legend huds. Now what
  4. You're not alone I have this abrupt ability to mess everything up whether it be casual or even jsut civil I don't think it's actually me lmao. Honestly though I am looking fro the same thing found it a few times. Love, partnership, even a mix of what you jsut said but for some reason (always almost the other party) minds chnage people get stranded and hurt. I recommend you take your time especially with the sub/domme thing unless you have found someone to share that with it's tough and it involves much more emotions than a standard relationhsip, love life and partnership as you already l
  5. I have recently uploaded a (sadly) non audio video on Youtube giving newly joined or about to join users some means and ideas on where to go if they are stuck in the Social Island area after they have completed the (Learning Area Tutorials) I do apologise for the lack of audio (I can if requested do an audio descriptive version in the near future) but the video quality should be clear enough and obvious enough on how to attain freebies and get to a place that offers legit support and help. Thankyou very much for new comers time and patience. EmperorsEmps aka Emperor Jahrome. https://
  6. It depends on the Vampire/person roleplaying. Personally haven't bitten my partner and if I were to would happily go halfs on the apples if she were to want to remain human/or if to beomce vampire well I don't even need blood so even easier I guess. I prefer her human anyway
  7. I know it's a little late but anyone who's new and (into magic) will see this. I am Vampire/Mage and Healer and a very equipped Mage at the least. I would also for the more serious Magical/Sorcery types out there whom are willing to spend Lindens or not spend as much either way also look at the other big huds and see what fits there lifestyle type. Wishmaster 2 is brilliant and I still use it, there is also one called Empower V5, Ultima hud but they're incredibly costly. Magic Emerald do some also alongside Magic of legend and Solarium are to name a few too. Like I said I have b
  8. There are a fair few cities to be found some have many people others the occasional few. But still there are cities in terms of how players or creators status them. Inverness, Babbage, Bay City (a fave) Berlin 1960s, Kama, Nautilus, Bembecia, Calleta, Lionheart, New Dawn city, Dublin, London, Paris, Luexmburg, St. Pete city, Lutra city, rocky point, Elysium, Duplicity, Jupiter, Venexia city, Forgotten city, Nevasky and few others flaoting about. Like I said they're not all filled with skylines and some are very small or very ancient type place but it is really what you're into. I spe
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