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  1. I have mesh decorations clustered together and there's a strange happening when a few of them randomly vanish. I have my LOD Factor set to 4 and have experimented with my the Graphics sliders and even tried updating my Graphics card to no avail. As far as I'm used to with LOD the detail should slowly disappear the more you zoom out but with the mesh I have rezzed the LOD appears when I zoom out but dissappears when I zoom in.

    Someone said in Blender Avastar group that lots of mesh cannot be clustered together or this may happen. But I've never experienced this before with years in SL and decorating houses with lots of mesh. Mesh for me have never disappeared zooming in but standard with some low LOD objects when I zoom out.

    Does this vanishing mesh when you zoom in happen to anyone else? Or does anyone know why this can be happening? And if so, please enlighten me.

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