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  1. Neonosa City is currently seeking business leaders, players, IC City Council, and those who want to try something new! http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity/business-information Jump into a world of mixed genres primarily in the sci fi futuristic types. A hint of Game of Thrones, Shadowrun, D&D and other various inspirations to add to the immersion that helps create the world of Neonosa! Players write the story and make the sim! We also have a Red Light District for the extremes of adult roleplay and many many positions open! Help us to create the player base that writes the story! Check us out with the information below and we look forward to meeting you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viktel%20Aria/168/115/1070
  2. Roleplayers wanted for IC citizens, IC business owners, OOC leader positions. Neonosa City Megacorporations rule the world. Eden Industries holds the most power around the entire world. UniNet holds second most power but they reside in the shadows, nobody is quite sure where, and Sunset the face of do gooders, but are they truly the do gooders or is that just the propaganda they want you to hear? They call believe they are doing whats right.. but what do you think? Federal governments are a thing of the past and Neonosa City is the center of mega-corporations. Join us in our futuristic, cyberpunk fantasy sim, with various races and options to make your character. Think of Neonosa as an American city in the world today but in the future and in its own sci fi cyberpunk, original story bubble. English is the dominant language in Neonosa and there is no dominant race as they are all quite mixed in together in population. Neonosa City looks like a city full of time periods all mixed together. There are high end security like eye scanners and high security around the city as well as an older look of the city in rubble and demise. There is also the in between. If you are trying to hide it might be best to find a really good hacker. Think of the phrase, 'big brother is watching,' literally. Neonosa City is a place of highly advanced technology in an advanced society with obvious snippets from the past. It really depends where in the city you decide to go. You may find robots, floating billboards, advanced street cams, fast moving trams, sky walks and a congested city of buildings all in different parts of the city, North, South, Central, and Undercity(something hidden, with a few different names icly. The place where criminals truly roam.) You may need your imagination due to sl limitations and prim limits on floating vehicles and other similar things and technology, but they exist in the Neonosa City Universe. ​ We gave you a foundation, the rest is up to you. Do you think one faction may end up in power or do you think Eden will remain? The city is turmoil in the making. Let RP be the adventure and the story you build in Neonosa City. Life is a constant competition. But where do you fit in? ​ Website: http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viktel%20Aria/161/120/1070
  3. Bit of a modern setup but a futuristic bit of lore which allows vampires is Neonosa City. Website: http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viktel%20Aria/161/120/1070 Contact Airuhlagertha resident for more info.
  4. If you are into Game of Thrones type roleplay sims but want to try something like it more futuristic, try out Neonosa City RPG. Neonosa City is an rp sim where players create the story but at the same time as part of the sim story everyone is looking to gain power in different ways, screwing each other over, manipulating, stealing, killing,whatever you want. Neonosa City is not a dark rp sim, or a light rp sim or a simple modern fantasy sim or a simple sci fi future sim, it is a combination of several things. A newer type of concept that isnt quite as popular in SecondLife Roleplay. The basic idea is that Neonosa City is part of a fictional world where goverments do not lead but Factions do, Factions in the form of mega corporations. Heard of Shadowrun games? Incorporated tv series? Dystopia type ideas, tyrannical leaders. Well it can be like all of the above, its what the players make of it. In Neonosa City the city is currently lead by Eden Industries, the most powerful of the three factions, the most money, the ones who are into the cybertechs, some illegal human testings, but of course they wont tell you that. They will show another face for you unless you just happen to dig deep enough. Sunset Foundation is considered the better of the three factions but even they have a variety of secrets, genetic testing and all. UniNet is the underground faction that nobody can seem to find unless they are looking for the right thing and or get recruited. They work underground.. literally. You might find human trafficking, you might find drugs, you might find a whole lot of interesting things. The city is a mix of modern urban and futuristic type architecture Mana is the main power source and the factions are the ones who are in charge. There are metahumans of various races. You can check out more here: http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity and here: Neonosa, Viktel Aria (166, 111, 1110) - Adult Neonosa City is recruiting all types of players in all time zones. We are also recruiting for some lead positions, faction member positions and so on! Hope to see you soon!
  5. So a mana portal was discovered back in 2016. Upon opening such a place something strange occurred, magic escaped into the world seeping into every corner. Evolution took control, the affects of the portal turning just ordinary humans into something more, metahumans! You seen an elf? You seen an orc? Or a vampire or a wolf? Well in Neonosa City, they originated from simple humans of the world. But now in 2516, regardless of race, all seek a certain peace.. but are they? Want some more insight into the sim? Current RP plot: (from our sim notices) N.P.D. have become flooded with Missing people reports over the last few days. Some conspirators say it is a growing Mega Corporation that have been Abducting people, while others say it is people trying to get away and start anew. One Thing is clear though, Analyst have noticed and influx of Weapon shipments within the city over the past month, almost triple the amount of illegal shipments have been confiscated. Channel 78 Phoenix News Or: https://www.flickr.com/groups/neonosacityrp/ http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity Always recruiting and willing to ask questions if you have them. You can contact me at Airuhlgertha Resident anytime.
  6. We got a sim that isnt quite a doomed space ship but it has some sci fi aspects like high tech and skywalks and hovering things, it just does not take place in space. Its called Neonosa City. You can find some info on it here: http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity You can also contact me personally if you like. Good luck!
  7. Neonosa City is a new sim, not very old, and we just rebuilt it for even better look and rp options. It does not have witches quite but you can have a magical school and call yourself a wtich. We got a bunch of different class options and so on. Its a future like sim that takes place in 2615. This may help. You can also IM direct to airuhlagertha resident. http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity
  8. A futuristic, mixed in the times, 26th century with a cyberpunk feel adult rated roleplay sim. We are looking for players and leads! If you are interested in trying something different, give it a try and check us out! Neonosa City is ruled by mega-corporations and the traditional federal goverments are a thing of the past. Magic(Mana) Science, and Technology go hand in hand int he new evolution of meta-humans. Scifi, Urban, Roleplay, Humans, Elves, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, City, Lycans, Vampires, Para RP Recruiting: Roleplayers Business owners Mentors Faction members Interested? Want to find out more? Let us know! Website: http://neonosacity.wixsite.com/neonosacity Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viktel%20Aria/143/119/1069 Contact: Kenzie Hall (Airuhlagertha Resident) & Nyhm Eden (Rhyn Akiri)
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