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  1. Thank you!!! Yes, those look really nice, thank you so much for the pointer!! Fantastic value too
  2. Thanks Ariel - the boots look lovely, but have what I'd call a platform sole - the knee-high Bax Prestige 2 (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BAX-Prestige-2-Boots-Black-Latex/9106120) have the kind of sole I'm looking for (and look fantastic!), but unfortunately aren't available as thigh-highs. I guess I'm looking for something like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Essent-Anthea-Skirt-High-Boots-Multicolor/9549885
  3. Thanks Bobbie, I'll definitely do that! I actually think that kind of thing might be popular - there are lots of non-platform latex-look thigh-high's for classic, maitreya and some other meshes, but pretty much nothing for Belleza and tonic.
  4. Thanks so much for the pointers! I've looked through the marketplace and Reign have two pairs of very nicely shaped thigh boots (the Indios and the Laras), but unfortunately the leather is a bit more muted and dull than I'd like (they do look great tho - just wish they were available in a PVC finish). KC have a fantastic pair of knee high boots (the Munich boots) - great shape, value and variety of colors, but no thigh-high option. Their thigh-boots all seem to be platforms. I will have a look in both in-world stores just in case there are different ones available. Thanks again for your sug
  5. Hi all - I'm looking for a pair of tight non-platform thigh high boots for the Belleza Freya mesh body, with a patent/latex/pvc high gloss look. Any pointers would be really appreciated! Thanks! (I previously posted in the Commerce/Wanted forum but didn't get any responses - hope it's not rude to ask again here)
  6. Hi there - I've been looking for a pair of non-platform thigh-high boots (with a pvc/latex/leather look texture) for the Tonic Curvy and/or the Belleza Freya mesh bodies. Has anyone come across a pair? I can only seem to find platform boots with that look. Thanks so much in advance for any pointers!
  7. Hello there! I'm very new to second life and would really appreciate some advice on creating a mature female avatar. In particular, can anyone advise on a good mesh body (preferably quite curvy/thick) and a fairly realistic/detailed skin that would work for a middle-aged woman? Any pointers would be really appreciated
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