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  1. Orwar makes a valid point. The execution does matter and unfortunately, some people haven't quite mastered it. Misunderstandings is a regular occurrence in RP and the overreaction people have are ridiculous at best. Good communication can figure out a solution to a problem that needs solving. Scenarios don't always follow the plan and that is to be expected. Sometimes people forget that RP is supposed to be fun.
  2. This is really a good response. Quality is better than quantity. If you enjoy writing paragraphs, then alright, but always remember that in group roleplay settings to narrow that information down to one or two sentences to keep the scene flowing. And yes, paragraph roleplay can be seen as pretentious but that is not the general consensus. Paragraph roleplay is intimidating and I found that most roleplayers—especially on Second Life—have trouble shortening their responses if they write on a roleplay sim that is paragraph heavy. As a writer you shouldn't feel obligated to match quantity with quantity when you can match it with quality (if you are a writer that can do both, I applaud you). And yes, in group settings you will have to sacrifice quality and quantity at times to get responses out, and that's alright. Roleplays are very much rough drafts. Try and make sure you're writing a cohesive enough sentence. I totally agree about how a character's thoughts or feelings isn't metagaming. It actually enriches the writing and—personally—I find it shocking how some roleplay sims have rules involving that aspect of writing. Some problems that exist on Second Life are simply Second Life issues.
  3. I still am. I'm also takin' pictures with people who simply wanna do them.
  4. Love the photos. Definitely contact me inworld or on Flickr.
  5. I'm still new at photography, so I don't have a photography partner to take friendship or couple poses with. I would like someone who is passionate about photography, knows photoshop(or is learning photoshop), and has a similar style like myself. I have both female and male avatars, so I don't mind taking photos with the same sex. This isn't paid or anything. You can contact me through here(I'll check back on this post at a later date or send a message through flickr). My flickr is:
  6. I'm a beginner photographer looking to expand my portfolio(I don't have any prices): If you don't mind a little experimentation and the photos being for no price, I'm down to take them. Note: Please contact inworld if interested.
  7. I'm a beginner photographer on Second Life looking for work. I want to gain experience and expand my portfolio. I don't have any rates. Please contact inworld if interested. Flickr: Please contact me inworld if you're interested in picking me up.
  8. 5 races, 4 factions, and 12 roles. The roleplay isn't complicated. Cocoon is very direct with information. Unless you are unfamiliar with cyberpunk, character stats, and the roleplay Hud—that most roleplayers and roleplay sims have—you will find it complicated. Yes, that's actually a decent amount. I just started becoming active in Second Life around December of 2019 and Cocoon was my first roleplay experience. I did not know anything about character stats, what a roleplay hud was, and barely had enough knowledge on cyberpunk. Yes, it was hard, but the mentors, admins, and even the people there helped me. In my opinion, it's a good place to start. https://cocooncorp.enjin.com/
  9. Going with original characters instead of the ones presented in the show. I've read up on it.
  10. I've decided that I might make a small roleplay area for it. I might get a commission for the icons done.
  11. Oooooh! I mostly know of the movies. I never did read the books for it. That sucks, but at least it existed at one point.
  12. Don't get me started on The Witcher. Hands down another favorite. I'm still working on reading the books, but I love the game and show(even if it had some issues).
  13. To be honest... It sounds like a horrible and uncomfortable experience. I think a little description and more awareness is in order for that sim. There has to be separation between OOC and IC somewhere. Each community is different and some people regard roleplay differently. I've seen the mixture of OOC and IC more in Second Life than any other community I've been in. Lindal isn't wrong about there being different ways to roleplay. To me roleplay involves clear communication out of character so both writers understand a scene or can voice whether or not they are comfortable with a scene(or what they would like to see happen and discuss future roleplay). When it comes to roleplay, I'm not writing me being this character, but rather writing for this character. You do meet people who play themselves in roleplay⁠—which is uncomfortable for me since I'm not writing myself—and the people who adopt the persona of a character. These tend to be abnormal depending on where you write. It's like the concept of the usage of "I"(first person) in roleplay and how people sometimes frown at it. It has a tendency to make people uninterested or uncomfortable because it leads into that mixture of OOC and IC. There is formal roleplay and informal roleplay, but it depends on how you define that. Sometimes people will ask if you want freeform or planned roleplay. Explaining roleplay can be overly complicated, because there is a lot you can get into(it isn't cut and dry and how I view isn't exactly others would view it). I do believe there should be some indication for OOC and IC always.
  14. I don't know what Simarilion is, but I do know Lord of the Rings. That sounds pretty cool though. Really? I missed it then. I like Firefly as well. It does have a lot of potential. I love My Hero Academia. I wish there were more superhero related sims around. I heard I missed that era of Second Life. You are going to have to show me your Spike someday. I never wrote Buffyverse on Second Life, but I did write it on different website. I wrote for Angel, Xander, Fred, Wesley, and a few others. I would've loved to see the Sunnydale roleplay sim. Though that really sucks that it never did happen, because I would've jumped for the chance for someone to do that. Mainly because there had to be some type of love there for the sim. I'm thinking about starting a Buffyverse sim, but it's up in the air right now. I know I would make a good owner for a sim. I've staffed in non-second life communities. I was speaking with someone else about it since they love Buffyverse as well. Also no problem. I've been curious to see what other roleplayers were into, so it's great to see people with similar interest(also it helps to find partners to write with). I've never seen RWBY, but I heard that the early years of it are the best.
  15. I feel like that goes back to whether or not the individual is using the username/nickname of their account for the character. I can understand people doing this by choice but not when people make it a requirement to have an alternate account. In different roleplay communities people do have alternate accounts for different characters they write. However, it is a different community and environment. Unfortunately Second Life makes it possible for you to have all these characters on a single account. The account isn't the character, but rather the account you write on in terms of Second Life. I also think it calls into question whether or not the group/sim you are roleplaying in is forward motion or backwards. Yes, there are different types of sims. Some roleplay sims are better than other roleplay sims, base on how they manage that. I can understand the reasons given for alternate accounts in terms of using them for different activities and disassociation. There's no question about that. I also think it is important to think about or discuss this, because it brings up a discussion of how a person views text based written roleplay on Second Life. I do agree with Wuffie though.
  16. What would be a cool fandom roleplay sim that you would like to see? For me, I would love to make a Buffy and Angel inspired sim. How about you?
  17. I haven't been active one Second Life for years, but this is something that stood out to me. What's the point of having another Second Life account for another character as a requirement at a Sim? The explanation I was given is that they want people to have different usernames and avoid meta-gaming. I don't understand how different usernames doesn't contribute to meta-gaming, in fact, I believe it provides more anonymity(and you lose track of which person is writing who). I was also told that you don't want a situation where character A and B are invited to the same party and you only have one account. As a writer, I thought I had a choice weather or not character A or B attended the same party. Events are optional. However, I must use two different accounts at the same time to attend the same party with two characters because I cannot do it on one account. I thought situations like that forces a writer to choose between the characters. Either way as a writer you're still occupying one space and the lack of an avatar doesn't change that truth. What if I don't want to go to a party with character A? Instead I simply wanted to go with character B? What if I didn't want to go with either character? A username and nickname don't always equal up to who the person is writing as and nowadays most people use huds for titlers. For someone who is still new to the Second Life scene(and not so much the roleplay scene) it seems backwards to me. It sounds more like a personal preference rather than a logical one to me.
  18. You could try Taris, but that is Star Wars related and you can only be races from Star Wars. There are furry based Star War races that you can play, but yeah most people on there are either human or aliens.
  19. I wanna make a few lindens. I'm an average writer, so I don't proclaim to be a professional. I'm also doing this to build samples for collage and my writing related courses, and I also want to improve my own writing. I do write fan fiction. I tend to know a lot about shows, movies, video game, comics, and most books. If I don't know something I'll let you know. I do write in any genre. No topic is off limit when it comes to story. If a topic isn't something I'm familiar with I will tell you. If a genre isn't something I'm knowledgeable about I'll inform you. I do review fiction and fan fiction stories. I do work with your original concepts. I don't create original concepts for you. Note: However, fan fiction is an exception. I don't write poetry(I haven't taken a course for poetry and my current writing for it isn't great). I don't write essays(cause I'm not doing your homework for you). I don't do paid roleplay partnerships(I do that for free in roleplay sims that I'm actively in.)] Payment for a chapter is 1000L(we can negotiate the price, but you won't receive the full piece until the final payment is made). Your 100L is the start fee. If you're interested in stuff like this, then let me know. We can negotiate the price and length, but you'll receive a sample. The start fee is 100L. You will receive a sample between 1 or 3 days. If you do not like the sample you get your funds back(however, I get to keep the sample and use it however I see fit. So we both win and my writing doesn't go to waste. PLEASE keep in mind that I'll own the adaption of the portion I wrote if it is non-fan-fiction, except character/race names and places). Funds will not be returned for completed orders.) Samples will vary depending on your order, but you will get more than one sample to work with during each stage of the writing process. You can make suggestions. Also, please keep in mind that samples are rough drafts. Feel free to contact me via my username in Second Life (BloodSparda) if you're interested in this. Feel free to bring the rock. . . okay maybe that was lame.
  20. No problem. I just joined it. They just recently put up a list of stores with Eastern themed clothing. ":D
  21. Found a Yokai based sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Tanelorn/42/52/26 It's set to Edo and the Discord is active.
  22. Gonna drop this right here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alpha Quadrant/247/181/23 A link to the Alpha Quadrant because I wasn't sure how to find this sim for a long time.
  23. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aladona Island/192/60/2475 This sim is trying to become more active community wise, but it focuses on Yokai. They have updated the sim recently. You can join the discord to see the current active members.
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