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  1. Going with original characters instead of the ones presented in the show. I've read up on it.
  2. I've decided that I might make a small roleplay area for it. I might get a commission for the icons done.
  3. Oooooh! I mostly know of the movies. I never did read the books for it. That sucks, but at least it existed at one point.
  4. Don't get me started on The Witcher. Hands down another favorite. I'm still working on reading the books, but I love the game and show(even if it had some issues).
  5. To be honest... It sounds like a horrible and uncomfortable experience. I think a little description and more awareness is in order for that sim. There has to be separation between OOC and IC somewhere. Each community is different and some people regard roleplay differently. I've seen the mixture of OOC and IC more in Second Life than any other community I've been in. Lindal isn't wrong about there being different ways to roleplay. To me roleplay involves clear communication out of character so both writers understand a scene or can voice whether o
  6. I don't know what Simarilion is, but I do know Lord of the Rings. That sounds pretty cool though. Really? I missed it then. I like Firefly as well. It does have a lot of potential. I love My Hero Academia. I wish there were more superhero related sims around. I heard I missed that era of Second Life. You are going to have to show me your Spike someday. I never wrote Buffyverse on Second Life, but I did write it on different website. I wrote for Angel, Xander, Fred, Wesley, and a few others. I would've loved to see the Sunnydale roleplay sim. Though that really sucks t
  7. I feel like that goes back to whether or not the individual is using the username/nickname of their account for the character. I can understand people doing this by choice but not when people make it a requirement to have an alternate account. In different roleplay communities people do have alternate accounts for different characters they write. However, it is a different community and environment. Unfortunately Second Life makes it possible for you to have all these characters on a single account. The account isn't the character, but rather the account you write on in terms of Second Life. I
  8. What would be a cool fandom roleplay sim that you would like to see? For me, I would love to make a Buffy and Angel inspired sim. How about you?
  9. I haven't been active one Second Life for years, but this is something that stood out to me. What's the point of having another Second Life account for another character as a requirement at a Sim? The explanation I was given is that they want people to have different usernames and avoid meta-gaming. I don't understand how different usernames doesn't contribute to meta-gaming, in fact, I believe it provides more anonymity(and you lose track of which person is writing who). I was also told that you don't want a situation where character A and B are invited to the same par
  10. You could try Taris, but that is Star Wars related and you can only be races from Star Wars. There are furry based Star War races that you can play, but yeah most people on there are either human or aliens.
  11. I wanna make a few lindens. I'm an average writer, so I don't proclaim to be a professional. I'm also doing this to build samples for collage and my writing related courses, and I also want to improve my own writing. I do write fan fiction. I tend to know a lot about shows, movies, video game, comics, and most books. If I don't know something I'll let you know. I do write in any genre. No topic is off limit when it comes to story. If a topic isn't something I'm familiar with I will tell you. If a genre isn't something I'
  12. No problem. I just joined it. They just recently put up a list of stores with Eastern themed clothing. ":D
  13. Found a Yokai based sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Tanelorn/42/52/26 It's set to Edo and the Discord is active.
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