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  1. Wow. I know have mixed feelings about KOTOR. What I like about FF14 is they wouldn't do that. Yeah, they make updates and changes, but not to harm folks but to improve wait time and interactions. I'll put it on my next Marvel comic read. I always thought the Punisher was an interesting character. I never seen the live action show and the stuff I did see on the Punisher I didn't even know was related to the Punisher UNTIL I got into Marvel.
  2. I recently bought KOTOR again! I'm also playing the MMO for the first time as well. I haven't figured out which one I lean more towards, because both of them have their charms. I'm still trying to complete the last expansion, I took a break recently. What server are you on? I run on Balmung - that one big roleplay server where apparently no one knows how to run raids. I still need to read Punisher's comic. I like Harley Quinn and I look forward to her first solo show.
  3. Seeking to meet new people with similar interest to my own: Roleplayer Gamer (PS4/PC) Bookworm (novels/comics/manga) Anime (movies/shows) Cartoons (the classics) Science Fiction | Fantasy | Etc Note: What is listed above are just my tops. I'm into a ***** ton of fandoms and I love learning about new ones. I would like to meet people who are also open to new things and discussions. Little bit more: I love Saga (the comic), Ghostbusters, Vampire Hunter D, Robotech, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel), Final Fantasy (I play FF14), Devil May Cry, Star Trek, Star Wars, Futurama, Power Rangers, Marvel, DC, and the works. Almost forgot: My name is Sylvia, but you can call me Blood or Gav. I'm 27 years old and my favorite superhero is The Flash (Wally West).
  4. I'm looking for a feral roleplay: A feral roleplay community A feral roleplaying partner If you happen to know some locations or people then feel free to leave a response. Note: Found one.
  5. You can try visiting Timber Wilds. See if any of the people that hangout there would know. Some of them rock the horse avatar.
  6. I can agree with you on this. Roleplay isn't limited to simply one-liners, semi-paragraphs, paragraphs, or novella. I've never heard anyone consider paragraph roleplaying not roleplay. I do consider roleplay a collaboration(or co-writing) between two people. What you write or enjoy writing is based on preference. Some people will write one-liners Other people will write paragraphs Some people will do both. Note: The above bullets are merely examples. Roleplay does make use of: first person point of view, second person point of view, and third person point of view. I also think if you roleplay - in text - that you are a creative writer. I think my top roleplay pet peeves are: Too many errors Lack of chaptalization Lack of separation Unable to comprehend what someone wrote I think communication beforehand, during, and after is good. I also think there's this misconception that you must be fast when interacting with someone. I like to believe that's where the communication part comes in handy.
  7. There's Roseville, not really a feral pack there, but I've been spending time there a lot more. I never had issues with interacting with people in Amville. They see a cute dog and immediately want to pet, feed, or take me home. Roseville is active so far and its pretty fun. You have your humans and furries.
  8. Are you still in Amiville? I've been coming in and out for a couple days and haven't come across the pack yet. I ended up getting taken in my the sheriff.
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