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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I have been loyal and spent hundreds of dollars in SL and because I can't afford premium or the overly priced name change I am stuck unable to get one. I had one back in the day on my first account and Linden Labs took it after I was paid in stollen L. I had no idea the L was supposedly stolen LL did NOT give me the opportunity to fight it they basically told me to go ***** myself and I would have left SL then if it weren't for friends. The last name was extremely special to me and I continually miss it all the time. I lost track of friends I have never seen aga
  2. Santa Carla may look like a normal city at first glance but any inhabitant will tell you things aren't always as they seem! Will you become that bump in the night or run scared at the sound! Santa Carla is a freeform roleplay sim based loosely off of the Lost Boys movie from 1987. Set in 1989 80's attire is encouraged but not required. For fight scenes there is optional dice. Come start your adventure as a magical creature or just a human and see if you can survive!! This is an ADULT sim slavery, rape, and torture are allowed with OOC consent between all involved. must be 18+ to play here. NOT
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