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  1. For several years now, I have wanted my own land. I have heard of cases where people are paying $100 of real money a month to have virtual land... Am I misinformed or is that true? Considering I make a couple dollars over minimum wage I can't afford something like that. How much does land actually cost? Can a premium account offer land? I just want a fairly small piece of land I can build my own house and yard in, I don't need anything insane in scale. I'm sure this was answered elsewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. There's no guarantee that an alt will work, as LittleMe Jewell said, it's honestly just a random chance based on factors I'm unaware of.
  3. Since I'm into CGI porn, I find SL sex quite satisfying, that is, if the animations are nice and the poses align.
  4. "The fact that you think you're entitled to everyones attention is disturbing." -MaggiJin same^ Obvious bait posts aside, The easily visible Second Life community (outside of the forums, in actual SL) It's difficult to find active/tolerable users, as Hunter Stern said multiple times. People are indeed impulsive, and I'm sure it does fuel the reasons most people post the "b my firen pls" posts. In terms of my looks putting people off, yes, it does, we have confirmed this. There are much more inviting users that don't really care what you look like and do talk to me, but
  5. Me too, I can only log into my alt...
  6. Yeap, this is exactly what I experience, if not with a little life stories exchange in the first session. Spot on, I was treated like a moldy ham sandwhich in highschool, and the hints of people acting like that here are probably giving me "Vietnam flashbacks" Me too, I just ran into one last night. Yeah, very true. Personally I see friendships as people you stick around with because they make you feel nice, they improve the quality of life on a level money can't offer. Morgan Rosenstar , thanks for your completely different point of
  7. I will start off by saying, holy crap, I didn't realize there were this many users on Second Life still. Anyways, what am I talking about here? Off and on I'm seeking friends and family, and regardless of how much a person "falls in love" with me, they always somehow flake out on me, and I continue treading on through Second Life by myself in abandoned sims, occasionally messaging people in my "friends" list something along the lines of a joke or "Hi how are you" since they won't bother letting me go any further than that. It may sound sad being by myself in empty sims all of the tim
  8. I would love to get to know you, it's growing empty just roaming around SL neighborhoods by myself all the time.
  9. I'm an odd-ball but, I would love to get to know you.
  10. Hey there, I know there's already others posting about looking for a family, but I thought I would give it a try. I'm searching for a family with open arms to a new member, weather we consider each other to be related or not is not relevant to me, I just want to live together and talk and do things together. I don't care how old you or the members are, I just want a kind, inviting family to be a part of. I'm a bit silly and goofy but I'm also caring and knowledgeable. Please feel free to message me in world if you are interested, I'm also very open to starti
  11. It appears I missed that post somehow, I submitted a ticket, thank you all.
  12. Hello, and thank you for reading, I have been on Second Life since 2013, and I haven't really met any solid friends over the years, causing me to visit infrequently. I visit usually popular places, but sometimes obscure places, and I haven't been able to meet anyone. The primary issue is that I tend to meet fake users (trolls) or those that are TOO into SL to bring up real life or escape their role-play mode to enjoy the moment. Then if all of those pass, another issue comes up which is most can't bond with/understand my personality, and we don't get along. I'm
  13. Insanely late response incoming; cykarushb, how the heck does SL run decently at all on that CPU? I've tried an Ahtlon 5150 and it CRIPPLES to a halt if there are ANY other avis nearby. Perhaps your SSD DOES help, I dunno. Even my FX-4100, 16GB DDR3 RAM (with my GTX 1080) suffers hard with non-standard avis, I go from 90FPS WAY down to 5-10 in a room of people regardless of settings. Since it appears SL favors single-core performance like games do, I've decided to go with Intel's new Core i5 8400, or equivalent of money isn't as tight as it is now. I'm serio
  14. Honestly this could apply to either a "guy" or a "girl"; VERY tight skinny jeans/pants, camo pants, leather pants with pockets, leggings, Corsets (actual modeled ones, not the texture overlaying the stock SL avis), simple clevage shirts, wearing just a bra with a jacket around it showing the belly and stuff, Converse shoes both high and low tops, sandals, Long nails, optional if painted or not, Red hair, Sunglasses, Gas masks that cover either the entire face or just mouth area, Devil horns, And regular cutie panties. I know, I find aver
  15. Problem solved, this tutorial points out things REQUIRED for proper exporting that nobody has pointed out; For others having the same issue, you're welcome. The issue was HOW it was exported, BVH exporter needs to be used, not Blender's normal exporter.
  16. Thank you guys, I'm a scrub to Second Life in-depth, I have been around since 2013 doing nothing but walking around and talking in the virtual world. I will wait it out for a while since SL reported knowing about Marketplace issues.
  17. Someone bought my $10L animation on the marketplace, I see it in order history, but my SL currency has not changed. Is there a process I'm supposed to complete that I'm missing?
  18. Yeah I made it simple to match my character's style, mid to late 90s video games, so I made the animation simple and slow
  19. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Unemployment sucks Free stuff is nice
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