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  1. Send me a IM in world? AchillesAlpharius
  2. AchillesAlpharius

    Giant 128x128 Mesh Cave

    Looking for a giant cave that's 128x128 that will fit inside a skybox. I'm going to be placing buildings INSIDE the cave. Not sure if anything like that even exists, or something that will let me build that. That would also work. I have searched for the past 2 days on market and all I can find are small cavern systems, nothing that lets me construct giant caves.
  3. AchillesAlpharius

    Giant 128x128 Mesh Cave

    Might give it a shot. I cant seem to find any that I can strech without making them look to bad, the textures get weird, or some aren't mod/non rigged.
  4. AchillesAlpharius

    Mesh / 3D Artist for hire

    Hey there! I'd like to hire ya! IM me in world, AchillesAlpharius Resident
  5. AchillesAlpharius

    Super Villain Costume: Bullseye!

    I'm looking to have a commission of this made for me to wear for a RP. I can pay, I'd like to be able to wear it like an outfit as I do not use a mesh avatar which means I will be needing alphas for it. Again! This is a paid commission. Please contact me in world achillesalpharius.resident if you are interested, or post back here! I'll check it every day at least once until I get it made..
  6. AchillesAlpharius

    LSL/Php scripter for Hire.

    Chat me up Inworld- AchillesAlpharius Resident, maybe you can help my sim with a big project we have planned, We'll pay you too!
  7. AchillesAlpharius

    Robot looking for sci fi rp partner

    Sent you a friend request and message.
  8. AchillesAlpharius

    Gorean Sim Partners Wanted

    So I have an original idea for a gorean sim, will be btb. I'm looking for 2-4 people who may also be interested in helping out with tier on a homestead or full sim. Homestead most likely. Please IM AchillesAlpharius Resident if you are interested in being a part of a new sim with a new concept. Serious inquiries only please.