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  1. We have the rest of it all sorted. It's just land we need at the moment.
  2. Sure! Right now we have around 14 players who are interested, but we haven't been advertising. Just word of mouth with people that myself and the co-owner know. In a generalized concept, we're going to be going with a location other than king's landing where there are multiple kingdoms in westeros.
  3. Good questions. Without revealing to much about the concept and the systems. This is going to be run much similar to a tabletop RPG than what other sims have been able to provide in the past. There is also going to be a system for each GOT house to improve their landholdings, army, etc. over the course of the roleplay and use those resources in order to further their own means. We have both a physical, and social combat system in place that is both simple to use and covers all the bases for roleplay. As well, we are including the fantasy elements of game of thrones and will also have magic use
  4. Hello there! Thanks for taking a look at this. Let me explain my situation! I am part of a two person operation with a player base and a full sim concept with systems that is finishing development, our problem right now is that we simply have no land to roleplay on and do not currently have the financial means by which to acquire land to roleplay on, partially due to personal financial situations and the linden land situation. We are hoping to find a financial backer or multiple backers for our project that is going to be Game of Thrones based with very unique concepts. We hope that the c
  5. Posting this for Kain Silvershade: Nox Atra is looking to fill out the ranks of the shifter pack! We are a 1800s fantasy roleplay and we invite you to come and check us out and see if we may be a good fit for you. Any contact for the pack should be to Kain Silvershade. Inquiries about the sim should be made to Tart.Vyper or Tara.Talaj. https://www.noxatra.online/
  6. As a note to this, I'd also totally be down with playing as an Anarch so if that's more your thing lemme know!
  7. Chibi speaks the truth! She's one of the admins of the sim so her version is correct
  8. We have a pack forming in Superstition Valley
  9. We also do Werewolf and Mage on sim, humans of course also.
  10. Hey hey!!! I'm in need of both someone to RP with and a friend! Feel free to hit me up in world AchillesAlpharius. I rp at a World of Darkness sim that's brand new
  11. Hey everybody. I'm looking for a RP partner on a brand new sim that just opened, Supersition Valley. It's set in the World of Darkness, in Phoenix, Arizona. My character is a Tremere Vampire antitribu, who runs the local Sabbat. I'm looking for someone who is willing to be my partner in crime and I'm also looking for individuals who might be interested in playing a Sabbat Vampire in a new RP setting. If you think that may be you, or if you are curious about Vampire the Masquerade, please feel free to IM me : AchillesAlpharius in world.
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