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  1. Thank you all if there is nothing to do about it, that is very unfortunate, it does not improve Second life, but that is my personal opinion 😞
  2. I think you do not understand if I put it wrong it goes to me because the field next to the camera ccotrol s that was there for the update above and not next to it
  3. that is not that was just my question to take a photo or video I use the Gyazo. my question was after the update the camera control has changed there is now an extra field which is very hindrance in the screenmy qu
  4. I have a question. I just had to grab the new update from Seondlife, but now it appears that something has changed, namely the Camera control with which you can rotate and go up and down, but now a part has been added that I personally find unnecessary and very inconvenient because it now takes up a lot of space on the screen. Is one possible that idat can change
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