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  1. Quick question, did Bento increase the maximum number of bone influences per vertex or is it still locked at 4?
  2. I managed to edit the BVH exporter script for maya so that it only exports the rotation of the bones. This is useful for making animations that work with any avatar, regardless of what bone positions the avatar uses. The current BVH exporter script exports the position of animated bones too, which leads to avatars that do not use the specific skeleton setup that was used during the animation breaking. Maya BVH exporter script Rotation Only It would be cool if it could be added to the wiki, since I imagine that animations intended to be used by all avatars (animating the fingers for example) made in the future with the existing BVH script could lead to avatars using custom bone positions not being able to use them, even though they should be. The script still allows translation of the root bone (hip / mPelvis).
  3. Now I have another question though: Is it possible to export a bvh from maya that does not take bone translation into account, only rotation? Reason I am asking is that I use an avatar with custom bone positions, animations that I make in maya with the default skeleton break this avatar, and animations I make with the custom skeleton break the default avatar. Before bento I used qavimator for some simple animations, and these worked on both avatars with custom join positions and the standard skeleton, they simply rotated the joints without translating them.
  4. Scaling the bones to 39.331947 was exactly it! Thank you so much for your help and videos!
  5. I've tried animating in maya and exporting the animation to .bvh as you described, however I run into the following error: The bone that gets animated is moved/translated to the location of its parent bone, so if I animate mWrist for example, it gets translated to the point of rotation of mElbow: Before animating mWristRight:  After animating mWristRight:   The rotation works fine, however it seems like the script generates wrong bone offsets or something like that. I used the standard bento skeleton for animation and the maya BVH exporter script. I followed your steps and froze transform on the skeleton so the bone rotation would be correct (y-up). I also added effector bones. I'm using Maya 2016, Y-axis is set to up and units are centimeters. The viewer I used to upload the animation was Here's the animation: https://my.mixtape.moe/dcfmdx.bvh If someone could point out what went wrong I'd be insanely grateful, because at this point I have no clue whether the issue is with my setup, with the script or with the viewer.
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