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  1. Since Bento's introduction, I've been looking for pre-made facial expressions and mouth movements using the new bones. I've been getting into head building and would like to make sure my mesh and weight mapping is performing properly while in Blender, since it's easier to fix without having to go into test server and check the weights down. I have no pre-existing animations to judge against improper deformations. As well, with Animesh coming soon, I have some ideas for emoting NPCs. What I'm looking for is BVHs files for development and possible incorporation into my meshes, so a possible lice
  2. Has anyone heard what the ETA is for full Project Bento release? I've got some speculation, but would like to know when LL expects to release the thing.
  3. Do you have a link to the Collada file that you downloaded? I checked the file: https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/sl-sample-content/raw/tip/models/collada/female_2016_08_05.dae.zip The Armature in this file has the correct orientation, so it should work for animations. The mesh objects in that file indeed have rotations of 90 degrees, but this should not matter for your case. Yes, that's definitely the file. As for the other stuff, I tried rotating the Avatar and then the mPelvis bone and neither seem to do the trick. Whenever I select armature in Object mode, it goes straight to the bone.
  4. My character is facing positive on the X axis, but the Bento avatar base and skeleton, as I have downloaded it from the Bento page on the SL wiki is set to 90 degrees on the Z axis. Would this be causing the issue? I haven't tried Avastar yet. I need to buy it at some point, but usually have more pressing concerns since I started a new job. Maybe next paycheck.
  5. I'm not sure if this is related, but when I export from Blender to BVH, the axis are all messed up. It took me a hour to get a simple blink animation done, when I realized that BVH is reading X for Y and Y for Z, I believe. I can't swap it over during conversion using the Export BVH - Rotation tool, it seems like I have to reanimate everything by hand before exporting. It was easy enough for a blink, but anything involving more bones because troublesome.
  6. Finally got onto the preview grid and I'm wondering, for a mesh creator, are there animations that on the Preview Grid where I can test my mesh heads' facial bones? Either user-creator or provided by LL?
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