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  1. This ain't your average family though. I am looking for parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents, great-grandparents, ghostly relatives, half brothers and sisters and children. Not yet looking for grand children. I'd like to have my OWN children first. Your age in RP does not matter. ***** a coherent timeline. I am Rain. I am an over-dramatic Australian, passionate about having children and coordinating outfits. I am looking forward to being anyone's relation. I love people. I am a very fantasy-esque person in RP. I can keep it casual or go all in.
  2. Today, I tried to take one nice photo.
  3. Just doing the regular Tuesday activities.
  4. I will never, ever get over the sunset. Like, ever.
  5. At first, I visited a beautiful beach in Tel Aviv and saw a beautiful sunset. I really enjoyed exploring Israel in Second Life, because I lived there as a child. It was actually magical, but I realised that I didn't ACTUALLY save any of those photos and get them ready for here, So here is a photo of my Zooby and Tony Rabbott. I do more than.. sit there taking photos of her and the rabbit, I absolutely swear it to you.
  6. Really awful photo. Just hanging out at baby daddy work place. I apologise for the slight upskirt shot. This was honestly the best of the batch and left out the hanging corpses above..
  7. Hey all, I'm looking for your suggestions and reviews on some good community, neighbourhood and family RP situations? Or anyone who wants to form a chill family/friendship group based on those kinda situations. Preferably something that is fantasy/modern (or open too elements of fantasy), as that is where I sit with my partner. I'm not too fussy, though, I swear D: I've kind of checked out a few neighbourhoods but often, the time differences make it hard to join in except for on weekends, which is why casual involvement seems to be the best route for me to take! Message me/p
  8. Laughing at the head placement in this picture I just took. Also, playing dress ups. I didn't realise I'd find the Zooby so adorable and fun to play with.
  9. Yes, the tall-spotted-forest-cow! You just don't see many of those on farms any more.. Nah, there is a picture of a lady with a tiny cow, milking it for a competition. (This 'cow' is also great though!)
  10. Oh my gosh. I clicked on this looking for just.. I don't know, whatever people do on SL, and now I'm like.. SUPER INSPIRED TO DO EVERYTHING. (Also, that cow was so cute, I want one.)
  11. That sounds awful! My mother fell off a camel, once. That just reminded me.
  12. My fear is that they will suddenly turn into a possum and devour me. Alternatively, I'll just ..somehow accidentally backflip onto them and it will look like I'm doing something inappropriate. If anyone was going to find a way to hit the wrong combination of buttons, it would be me.
  13. Yesss! Just bouncing around, being awkward?
  14. No joke. There I am, at the park. My four dollar amazing mud cake from Woolworths is sitting on a bench. As the sun is setting, I turn around from a conversation and there is this fat little possum! He grabs my cake, shoves part of it into his mouth. Waddles off, climbs a tree and drops most of it. I was.. too impressed to be angry. I'd like to immortalise the moment in paint, one day. Now that you're thoroughly impressed with my wicked life, let me introduce myself. I'm Jess- or Rain, whatever you prefer. I'm 25, I work with children (0-5, but also have worked with 5-12) full t
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