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  1. HI, so there is this fairly large land rental place who I was happy with for several weeks. then my house that was generated on my land disappeared. I re-rezzed it and thought nothing of it. then it happened again. then again and this time I couldn't put my furniture back out (I was thinking of changing up) get an agent to come by and they say "oh this region is full". I am not over my limit, just apparently my neighbors are. I have 10 weeks rented on this property, cause like I said I was happy. they offer another land, not the same as mine and I would have to just convert my paid time over to that rate, no offer of a discount or anything for the hassle of having to move. So I reluctantly agree because they say no refunds. So they tell me just pay the rent on this new land so they can transfers my time. I do so, I pay 4 weeks to at least get the 10% off for that and now I can't even get the land scene changer to work or a house to generate like it should. my time is not moved over (this was last night, I just checked) and now I have two lands I can't use, and even more money I won't be getting back. I know I was stupid for paying the 4 weeks, but the not even having my time moved or working land is a bit much.
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