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  1. BethTech

    Life2 vs beYou HUD

    I have been considering joining one of these life RP systems and this thread has been pretty informative. I'm going to try Xeolife and see how I like it.
  2. BethTech

    Calculating Percentage Complete

    Oh, I see, thanks!
  3. Okay, I want to be able to calculate how complete an animals' pregnancy is. However, I am unsure if this will calculate correctly. Here are the relevant excerpts of the script (not the complete script): float fPregnancy = 172800; //How many seconds the pregnancy lasts integer preg_time; //How long animal has been pregnant integer preg_percent; //How complete the pregnancy is preg_percent = (integer)(preg_time/fPregnancy)*100; //This part should give a percentage complete Will this calculate correctly? Or is there a better way?
  4. BethTech

    Web Search Showing Wrong Land Rating

    I usually don't use the web search. I did a web search for my store on a whim and noticed it was being marked as Adult. Legacy search shows it as Moderate, which is correct. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Is it something I need to file a ticket for?
  5. BethTech

    program to replace Pocket Metaverse for Iphone

    LL is working on their own viewer that will be on the Apple Store. The only thing is you could be waiting for months or years if it's completed. https://modemworld.me/2019/01/10/linden-lab-confirm-second-life-ios-client-in-the-making/ The download button tries to open a popup window to the page on the Apple Store. So it doesn't work regardless.
  6. Yes, this is why I'm really hoping they'll aim for the Android market as well. Not just Apple.
  7. There are a few apps such as Lumiya for Android (although in that one you can move around). They are pretty limited though. But it's at least something if you need to do something chat-wise in SL and can't get to your PC.
  8. True, they could always sideload it (unless Apple makes that impossible at some point).
  9. They might wind up having to block adult regions or add some way to filter things if Apple tells them to. I know Telegram has had issues with that (there are adult chats).
  10. This is only happening in my region (Balwin). Both me and @animats tested this (he used his own scripts). I said in an earlier reply it was working fine everywhere else I tested. I filed a ticket and a Jira telling LL that something was up on my region that was interfering with this specific thing. I even found a parcel that allowed rezzing in Balwin not owned by me and got the same result. If you want to try it here, you can.
  11. That recording was with an unedited raptor.
  12. I recorded the Animesh raptor having the same issue during the wander it does. It seems to move fine when pursuing. If I turn that value FALSE it wanders around (and even ran off into another region and I had to catch it). https://i.imgur.com/XjKFmtI.mp4
  13. No, 20 is the default. In the Animesh testing objects given out by the Lindens, it's set for far lower than 20 in their scripts. Not to mention 20 is pretty fast. On this page you can see the min/max values for CHARACTER_MAX_SPEED is 1 to 40.0. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlCreateCharacter
  14. Still having the same issue. But I'll change it everywhere I've been using it.
  15. Okay. I'm not sure where I copied it from then... I'll try it with the right value.