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  1. sorry, LOL! I guess I've misinterpreted some of the things you said. How would I go about correctly repositioning and locking the joints? to my knowledge this is the only method of altering the default joint positions, since the uploader only locks transformations and not rotations. Is this a maya issue, or a more universal one?
  2. I've been doing the equivalent of that in maya- which is why I'm surprised it's not working.
  3. I'm afraid it doesn't only look wrong, it behaves the wrong way as well :matte-motes-stress: here is a test with an animation. on the left the hand is attached, and on the right it is removed. the broken bones seem to completely mess up animations.  I'm assuming it has something to do with the bone orientations on the bento skeleton within maya. each individual link seems to point straight in the Y direction, instead of having its own local axis and that is kind of the same effect I'm getting inworld.  I tried manually re-orienting the joints, but that lead to an even worse issue: 
  4. the image from SL does have 'include joint poistions' ticked on. what's bothering me is how the joints don't flow in a continous chain, for lack of a better term. this is what the finger joints snap back to once I take my hand off inworld:  could it be possible that I'm going about defining custom joint positions the wrong way? I imported my hand into the bento skeleton file and used translations within maya (basically moved around the joints without rotating or scaling them) to position them where I wanted them. then I deleted history and froze transformations on all the joints. after that I skinned the hand to the finger joints only. I'm trying to create a finger joint locker mesh (probably a cube or a sphere) so I could put another hand over it, unless there's a way to choose which joints to lock on a mesh, since I only want the fingers locked.
  5. sorry- I didn't notice the links were identical LOL!
  6. hello all, I've been rigging a hand and I'm experiencing difficulties with joint positions. my hand in maya on the left, and inworld on the right.  I can't figure out what causes the joints to offset like that. is there a way to fix it?
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