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  1. I have all my skies now, both on SL default viewer and on firestorm, and they look good.
  2. great!!! thank you Lindal. I was discouraged in advance
  3. I will try to recreate my skies with firestorm viewer too.
  4. Thank you very much Whirly. Yes, I'm using the EEP-RC (64bit) an the skies don't look good at all. I think I will go back to the default release viewer because I havn't manage to create such beautiful skies with my current viewer. I have a lot of skies in my inventory, so i'm going to note the settings before changing the viewer and I will try to recreate them on the default viewer. I hope the EEP viewer will be improved because SL with no magic skies becomes less interesting for me Thanks again for your help!
  5. thank you, I sent one to you inworld.
  6. here is a picture of Cica's dark sky with dark clouds and red lights behind (The Girl Who Cried Wolf). I took the picture on a plateform I rent http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Briar Rose Realm/204/100/4003
  7. Thank you very much Whirly, I got my skies back. I have a new computer and I guess I downloaded another viewer. But now the the skies don't look good (atmospheric shaders is checked), especially the clouds
  8. Hello, In the folder "settings" in my inventory the old skies I imported became unusable. They are named "?xxx" and there is no context menu when right clicked (besides properties and rename). Could you help me?
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